Martin Dawe

Martin has spent over 20 years working in both secure government and commercial sectors, delivering high-performance results in diverse and pressured environments. He has a specialism in project setup, project scope management and recovery, underpinned by an expert knowledge of delivery methods (agile and waterfall based), processes and tooling.

His definition of a successful delivery is one based on open collaboration with customers to design, develop and deliver systems that release the business value as early as possible – while enabling project based learning and innovation to flourish within the commercial boundaries of the programme/project.

Since joining Keytree Martin has:

  • Provided senior delivery support for projects requiring intervention
  • Delivered a range of successful transformational projects for a broad range of clients
  • Implemented an internal governance process for all ‘in flight’ projects
  • Implemented the Keytree Delivery Methodology (KDM) and associated templated tooling

Martin Dawe

Head of Delivery

+44 20 36912936

Covent Garden, London

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