Keytree – The Award-winning Technology Consultancy

An international award-winning design and technology consultancy and product developer, Keytree helps transform digital potential into business reality. Keytree helps companies become leaner, faster and more agile with our award-winning team of SAP experts and beautifully-designed applications. The way we work sets us apart.

Our multi-disciplined teams, across the UK, Canada, Spain and India, are built on a foundation of communications and accountability. We are driven by innovation and a passion for design and great user experience.

Some of our amazing achievements

Community & Sponsorship

Keytree takes great pride in supporting others. Our ethos and approach, based on founding values, is so much more than simply ticking a box on a CSR manifesto.

Over the past few years, Keytree has been a leading supporter of Plan Zheroes. Pro bono work completed for the registered charity, aiming to reduce food poverty, has become an integral part of its success. The design and delivery of an interactive service, the award-winning Zheroes mobile responsive platform, has revolutionised the organisation’s goal of ensuring food waste is reduced, and no one has to live in food poverty.

Keytree also works closely with the Meningitis Research Foundation and produced a digital platform that displays a clear picture of meningitis incidence by using the best available national and global estimates and data. The key objective of the project was to produce an engaging Meningitis Progress Tracker dashboard that would present, in an easy to digest way, the global burden of meningitis and neonatal sepsis for children under five.

Keytree is a proud sponsor of Ospreys Rugby, one of the UK’s leading professional rugby teams, who were recently involved in a trial of PROTECHT – ground-breaking technology that utilises sensors in a mouthguard to display data resulting from head impacts. The data is then presented in real-time, via a web application Keytree designed specifically for the project.

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Lord Mayor of London Dragon Awards 2017 winner

Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards 2017 winners photo. Keytree received the Lord Mayor’s Award for Innovation.

Dan McNamara

Dan McNamara


Dan is one of the Keytree co-founders and has been delivering successful and creative software to enterprises for more than 20 years – having worked on some of the world’s largest and most innovative programmes.

He has broad industry experience including retail, media, utilities, energy, banking, public sector and consumer goods but Dan also has deep technical expertise across enterprise, mobile and digital technologies and his passion is creating high-performance, beautifully-designed software.

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Tim Kyle

Tim Kyle

Managing Director

Tim has over 20 years experience in managing the deployment of business applications based on SAP.

He works with organisations to provide strategic guidance in a range of business scenarios with a particular focus on solution adoption, mobility and user experience. He has a passion for innovation, a flair for delivery and is an integral part of bringing Keytree’s solution portfolio to life.

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Anthony Aughterson

Director of SAP Consulting

Anthony is a Keytree co-founder with over 20 years experience in delivering successful SAP solutions for large global organisations. His experience in programme delivery, integration, configuration, development and technology ensures our consulting team provide the highest quality service to our customers.

Anthony supports Keytree’s customers in making strategic technology choices, shaping successful teams and governing successful projects and programmes. His industry experience crosses Retail, CPG, Travel and Media.

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James Woodhouse

Managing Director – Products

A Keytree board member, James served as COO for over five years. He has over 20 years’ experience managing, architecting and delivering technology to solve business problems – and building organisations to do this.

He has delivered innovative and creative solutions across a variety of industry sectors including Financial Services, Public Sector, Travel and Transportation, Energy and Natural Resources, Consumer and Packaged Goods, Retail and Professional Services.

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Andrew Miller

Commercial Director

Andrew has 25 years’ experience of helping technology businesses grow by concentrating on the business value of technology and on building long term client relationships. He has worked in international IT management and business strategy, has started, developed and sold businesses and before joining Keytree was at SAP for over 10 years.

Andrew has a broad range of industry experience and is passionate about Keytree making a dynamic contribution to their clients’ successes.

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