Keytree was remarkably well represented at SAP’s annual InnovationX event – as a sponsor and also as one of the winners of this year’s social challenge, run in conjunction with The Prince’s Trust. To spice things up at this year’s flagship event, SAP decided to invite five teams to compete in this new style social challenge – one team from SAP and the others assembled from SAP partners.

To celebrate and progress SAP’s partnership with The Prince’s Trust, the challenge posed to the teams was to develop a solution in a short intensive timeframe where teams aim to address specific problems The Prince’s Trust face daily – ultimately to enhance the provision of care to vulnerable youths. Spanning three days of intense work, each team presented the designed and built solution to a panel of judges from The Princes Trust and SAP at InnovationX.

Keytree meets the challenge head on

The Prince’s Trust supports more than 60,000 young people each year and has helped over 900,000 individuals since its incorporation in 1976 – helping the vulnerable to get their lives back on track. This means getting support for things like starting businesses and could include providing both skills and mentoring from Prince’s Trust volunteers. Many of the young people are in and out of care, facing issues such as homelessness, suffer from mental health problems or have been in trouble with the law.

Getting the most from their 6,000-person resource of volunteers is not always straightforward and at times involves a truncated sign-up/approval process for the volunteer or culminates in a poorly matched pairing for mentoring. Often volunteers also felt unsupported and without a sense of progress, meaning the drop-off rate from new volunteers was high.

The challenge set by SAP was a great opportunity to showcase Keytree’s talents and maintain our reputation as a team that can deliver both technical and UX solutions under pressure. The most exciting part of the remit was knowing that if we won, there was a distinct possibility the winning design could make a real impact – getting the green light to turn a prototype into a fully developed and released solution.

Day one

We had our first meeting and after introductions with Keytree team members, with an employee from Shell and one from SAP, we got down to sifting through the emailed documents from The Prince’s Trust. These included some goals for the challenge, some existing research, access to a body of documentation including insights from user interviews plus some of the challenges in their existing solution used to match volunteers to young people.

Luckily we were visited by an SAP representative with a bit more background and some pointers but more importantly, we had two phone calls set up with key existing users – a volunteer and a young person.

We kicked off with a bit of design thinking by using an affinity mapping process. Essentially getting as many post-its up on the wall with insights from the materials and then getting them into thematic groupings to see where the pain-points were and from there, what would be our proposed solutions. Our call with the part-time volunteer was invaluable – great for hearing first-hand what issues they had and how our solution might help.

Day two

After the first day’s sense of excitement, day two felt like a drop back down to earth. Time is always against you in a challenge like this, but limited time also forces progress where more time often creates indecision, so we used ‘time-boxing’ to keep us on track. We knew that we had a wealth of tools at our disposal in terms of SAP and other technologies. Our solution included SAP Cloud Platform, Qualtrics for crucial feedback (a.k.a experience data), SAP Cloud Analytics, Twilio for SMS and calls and SAP Conversational AI to speed up and automate some of the interactions, with SuccessFactors to manage skills and learning history.

Once we’d mapped out some user journeys to make sure we could piece it all together in a way that met challenge objectives and also addressed user pain points, the developers got going with some technical planning and implementation. The rest of the team continued with some visual design work, wire-framing and mock-ups.

Although our solution focused on the experience of a volunteer, we made sure we did not lose focus of who The Trust was there to serve. So when we got to speak to someone who was benefitting from mentorship, it all started to feel very real and the team got some amazing insights into how pairing is essential to success.

Day three

We all arrived early at InnovationX to set up our dedicated booth, trying not to look too smug that we had gone to the effort of printing off some of our mock-ups as posters! A quick decision was made on who would present and then it was about refining the presentation with feedback from the team. We knew we had a compelling story to tell and a great working web-based prototype – an end to end journey for a volunteer using a mobile web app, SMS, recorded voice call and a staff webpage for approving volunteer pairings.

When it came to presentation time – there were a few concerned glances between us as the SAP team presented. It was slick – super slick. The Keytree presentation followed and seemed to be well received by all watching. We breathed a sigh of relief. Now to wait…

We won! There were two winners, the Keytree team and the SAP team, both with great visions on how to enhance the care provided by The Prince’s Trust. We are already getting excited about when we might get working on the real solution.