SAP S/4HANA – The new SAP Digital Core

S/4HANA is SAP’s new in-memory Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and provides the Digital Core to SAP’s range of SaaS products. To date, over 7,000 customers have adopted S/4HANA through public cloud, private cloud or on-premise models.

Whether a customer wants to migrate to the Cloud or use an on-premise solution – Keytree has proven expertise in both product sets and is ideally placed to advise on the right strategic choices and to deliver the technology efficiently and effectively. Our consultants have unparalleled S/4HANA and SAP ERP delivery experience and work closely with our digital design, engineering and integration teams, giving our customers true expertise, lower risk projects and transformative and robust solutions.  

Keytree’s most recent large scale S/4HANA implementations were for pladis Global in North America and First Group plc in the UK. Our work with pladis was awarded silver at the SAP UKI Quality Awards 2018 in the Fast Delivery Category. The implementation, led by Keytree, has created new business capabilities and benefits at pladis, including the ability to adapt quickly to changing market and consumer needs and preferences, and being more agile with customers and consumers.

Digital Core

Who is S/4HANA for?

  • Current SAP customers who wish to transition to S/4HANA from their current SAP ERP solutions
  • New SAP customers looking to use state-of-the-art Public Cloud ERP (S/4HANA Cloud) or on-premise ERP (S/4HANA)
  • New customers who are implementing an SAP solution for the first time
  • Customers who are looking for new and innovative ways to meet modern business challenges
  • S/4HANA is applicable across a range of industries and lines of business, in each of which Keytree boasts successful project delivery and expertise (see diagram opposite)

Why Keytree?

  • We are one of SAP’s most experienced partners
  • Our S/4HANA implementation experience is unparalleled
  • We bring deep and broad functional and technical expertise in S/4HANA and the other SAP SaaS solutions
  • We support S/4HANA public cloud, private cloud and on-premise delivery models
  • We provide the full range of SI services but also work collaboratively with other partners
  • We bring extensive industry experience
  • We accelerate delivery through our investment in our own on-premise S/4HANA prototype systems
  • We deliver S/4HANA projects through an optimal combination of Agile and Waterfall methods
  • We provide exceptional user experience across multiple channels and devices
  • We innovate, by extending S/4HANA, using SAP Cloud Platform, to deliver greater business benefits
  • We are commercially flexible and prepared to share the risk of these projects with our customers

S/4HANA Innovations

icon - user experience

User Experience

A modern personalised, consumer-grade experience through SAP’s award-winning Fiori 2.0 UI. 

icon - artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Embedded in the product to provide Alexa style enterprise assistance.

icon - machine learning

Machine Learning

Continually improve and bring more efficiency to core business processes.

icon - real-time analytics

Real-time Analytics

The software is designed to run on the HANA in-memory database enabling real-time analytics across all lines of business.

icon - SAP cloud platform integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Native SAP Cloud Platform integration.

icon - product extensions

Product Extensions

1,000’s of APIs enabling easy product extension without adding to the TCO of the core product.

icon - data models

Data Models

A single source of the truth and a 10 x smaller data footprint.

icon - system configuration

System Configuration

Tools and delivery methodology making S/4HANA easier to deliver.

Keytree and S/4HANA Cloud – high value through best practices and innovation

The beauty of working with S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform and Keytree is that you can rapidly achieve high value through SAP best practices and build innovative industry or customer-specific solutions without modifying your core ERP – keeping TCO lower than ever. S/4HANA Cloud and On-premise solutions have thousands of standard APIs allowing us to produce apps large or small for consumers and employees that integrate into the core processes of your organisation.

We recently worked with one of our customers on bringing efficiencies to the warehouse by integrating UAV/drone technology into the S/4HANA Cloud standard stock-taking process.  Easy to integrate, high-value potential and great innovation.

Contact us today to explore what S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform and Keytree can do for you.

Recent Keytree innovations with S/4HANA API’s

S/4HANA can be deployed on-premise, public cloud and private cloud. In all these deployment models, S/4HANA can be extended for specific business requirements.

Immediate, intelligent & integrated ERP

SAP S/4HANA is the digital core – the nerve centre – of your entire business. It consolidates internal and external elements into a single, living structure that goes beyond traditional ERP software. In other words, it connects all of your processes, provides you with live information and insights and seamlessly integrates your enterprise with the digital world at large.

The S/4HANA digital core enables your business to take complete advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, real-time analytics, mobile, business networks, third-party systems and more.

Top 10 S/4HANA benefits

  • Improve order fulfillment by 25%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 20%
  • Reduce manufacturing error rates by 20%
  • Reduce procurement costs by 15%
  • Respond to market fluctuations faster than ever
  • Streamline your supply chain by 12%
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Improve your manufacturing cycle time by 10%
  • Reduce capital requirements by 35%
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by 10%

Case Studies – S/4HANA