SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is SAP’s digital innovation system that brings together a suite of cutting-edge technologies to deliver digital transformation. As a multiple SAP Innovation award-winner, Keytree is uniquely placed to help organisations achieve business value via innovation.

Critical challenges for businesses include optimising processes and use of assets, responding better to events, working more collaboratively with customers and partners and gaining intelligence from vast quantities of raw data. SAP Leonardo includes components to address all of these, delivered as optional services to target a particular problem.

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Internet of Things

SAP Leonardo features an end-to-end Internet of Things solution that manages and collects data from connected sensors and devices. Once data is collected, SAP Leonardo also provides the tools to optimise processes.

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Big Data

Store and process vast quantities of structured and unstructured data, with potential sources including Internet of Things data, transactions, customer information and much more.

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Machine Learning

SAP Leonardo includes advanced Machine Learning functionality to help find patterns in large data sets, recognise images and understand your user’s natural language commands – allowing business processes to be automated and optimised like never before.

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Create shared, trusted transaction records between your organisation and your customers, suppliers and partners – providing a more efficient and more secure way of doing business.

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Advanced Analytics

Turn Big Data into useful intelligence to help understand and respond to patterns. Present information in new and innovative ways, allowing business users to explore and understand large complex data sets.

Why work with Keytree for SAP Leonardo?

  • Keytree has a long successful history of innovation and delivering innovative solutions for example Keytree IoT connected cows at IceRobotics, before the term IoT was in common usage
  • Keytree Labs provide innovation services from chip design for IoT to virtual reality based analytics
  • The SAP Cloud Platform underpins SAP Leonardo, and Keytree are leading experts on the platform
  • We understand business optimisation with the SAP S/4HANA digital core – and can apply SAP Leonardo innovation to those core processes
  • Our user experience expertise make cutting-edge technologies easy to understand and use
  • Keytree is commercially flexible and prepared to share the risk of these projects with our customers