SAP Cloud Platform – Streamline your operations

The SAP Cloud Platform enables organisations to rapidly and cost effectively deliver innovative products and services – underpinning SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise vision. A computing service built to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the underlying infrastructure, SAP Cloud Platform is a true Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Keytree was an early adopter of the SAP Cloud Platform with a range of successful projects and deployments in the field and was acknowledged as a market leader when presented with the SAP EMEA Excellence Award for the SAP Cloud Platform 2017 and named a finalist for the Global SAP Pinnacle Award for the SAP Cloud Platform Partner of the Year 2017. As a leading SAP partner Keytree is ideally placed to ensure customers maximise the benefits available on this platform.

SAP Cloud Platform provides the following:

  • Application containers, storage and databases for robust deployment of innovative apps
  • SAP Cloud Platform Functions for cost efficient serverless deployment
  • A toolkit of hosted microservices providing ready to go business functions to incorporate into apps
  • Development and integration tools to connect disparate systems together
  • Specialist services such as Internet of Things and API management
  • Big data and analytics
  • Uses open source standard technologies to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Deployment to multiple infrastructure providers including SAP, AWS, Google and Microsoft providing a global reach

Why Keytree?

  • Successful SAP Cloud Platform adoption is not just about the deployment of the platform – it’s a digital solution that facilitates the delivery of portals, and the enablement of Enterprise Digital and Keytree is a market leader in the provision of Portals and Enterprise Digital
  • Our unique strengths in the areas of research, design, integration and platform deployment place us at the forefront of SAP Cloud Platform adoption
  • We have a dual focus on consulting skills and technical ability
  • We are an agile company that will respond quickly and flexibly to your SAP Cloud Platform requirements
  • We possess a suite of tested tools and DevOps processes to support efficient SAP Cloud Platform development

SAP Cloud Platform benefits

  • Apps delivered as a native mobile app or a HTML5 app accessed via a browser
  • SAP Cloud Connector provides a bridge between on-premise and public cloud
  • No infrastructure set-up or management
  • Easy access to SAP ECC functions from a web-facing application
  • Combine cost-effectiveness and the rapid delivery provided by SaaS with the flexibility traditionally only associated with on-premise
  • A drag and drop development environment for integrations
  • Integrate and manage Internet of Things devices
  • Building blocks provided ‘out of the box’
  • Single sign-on (SSO) integration with Cloud solutions

Extending on-premise

We help organisations to quickly provide new digital services and apps to their customers, partners and employees.

icon - SAP cloud platform integration

Extending cloud

We provide clients with the ability to add additional functionality to existing Cloud services via SAP Cloud Platform.


By utilising SAP integration packages, we seamlessly integrate a broad range of solutions including the full suite of SAP C/4HANA services.

Building new apps

We have a strong track record of creating and delivering apps following the extend not customise mantra.

“Working with the Keytree team, and drawing on their expertise in SAP Cloud technology, proved invaluable as we moved away from on-premise applications. The Keytree delivery methodology enabled us to migrate a selection of apps to SAP Cloud Platform quickly and efficiently.”

Customer Vice President of Enterprise Systems

Case Study – SAP Cloud Platform