SAP C/4HANA – Know your customer

C/4HANA is a suite of SAP products designed specifically to deliver and manage excellent customer experience. The improved communications and interactions C/4HANA provides between organisations and customer’s leads to positive and demonstrable business outcomes, ultimately driving revenue. C/4HANA (previously branded SAP Hybris), enables the human connection between organisations and their customers, tying together solutions to support all front-office functions, orchestrating seamless end-to-end customer journeys.

Keytree combines wide ranging SAP and customer experience expertise enabling us to provide the best enterprise solutions. Our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering and implementing successful bespoke solutions allows us to place the customer at the heart of the experience. We have an unparalleled track record in complex integrations across multiple industries including retail, utilities, automotive, professional and financial services – industries where customer experience is at the heart of the business.

A unified suite of solutions for the front office to orchestrate customer journeys and guide better customer outcomes

Who is C/4HANA for?

The C/4HANA suite applies to any industry or organisation that cares about its customers, whether that be high-end luxury fashion brands who have big spending VIP customers or utilities companies who supply energy directly into consumer homes. Quality customer experience is key for any company that wants to succeed in the long term.

Poor customer service cost UK businesses more than £37bn in 2016 – a statistic that clearly demonstrates the impact that the customer experience has on revenue. C/4HANA combines a range of best of breed solutions to create personal customer experiences for the SAP intelligent enterprise.

Why Keytree?

  • We are an experienced SAP partner who uses SAP best practices alongside the Keytree Delivery Methodology to realise the full potential of C/4HANA technology
  • We simplify the adoption of C/4HANA allowing you to revolutionise your data quality and customer experience across every touchpoint
  • We are the partner you can trust to support your digital transformation journey and will evolve with you as new technologies emerge
  • Our strong focus on innovation and expertise across everything SAP includes the development of KIT – Keytree In-store Technology – a digital retail solution focussed on improving customer experience – we understand customer experience and know what it takes to deliver it
  • We have an excellent track record of real world complex deliveries
  • We are experts in integrating solutions to create a unique bespoke solution for the customer – bringing disparate pieces together
  • We have an enviable track record delivering successful business outcomes with customer portals, websites and business applications

“SAP C/4HANA is the biggest development initiative within SAP by far.”

Hasso Plattner – Co-Founder of SAP

C/4HANA Product Suite:

SAP Commerce Cloud

A comprehensive commerce platform that includes product content management, experience management, personalisation and order management – allowing utilities to sell “anything” in single or complex bundle.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Delivers a single view of customer data for marketing purposes, with personalised experiences at scale and intelligent marketing.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Build trusted and valued relationships with customers – turning unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers. It consists of identity and authentication, consent (including data privacy), and a cross-cloud single customer profile.

SAP Service Cloud

Allowing businesses to offer multiple service channels, access complete and contextual customer information and gain real-time insight into call centre, self-service and field service performance.

SAP Sales Cloud

Bringing together what was SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, SAP Subscription Billing and CallidusCloud to help organisations connect and guide customers throughout their buying journey.

The 4th Generation Front Office Suite

C/4HANA connects the front office to the back office digital core S/4HANA, SAP’s ERP suite to deliver unified customer experiences and provide organisations with optimized, customer centric end-to-end processes.

Read more about Keytree’s expertise in S/4HANA here.

Top C/4HANA benefits

  • Unified customer profile improving consent, privacy and compliance
  • Increased customer satisfaction through unified and personal customer experiences
  • Open and modular architecture enabling new business services
  • Personalise and safeguard your brand to gain loyalty and trust
  • Streamline the adoption of new digital business models for your customer not just their data