Space 51

Combining people, technology and innovation

Our physical and virtual SAP AppHaus provides customers with the opportunity to get out of the boardroom and into a creative and collaborative space where they benefit from our wide-ranging expertise in Innovation, Design Thinking and User Experience and run dynamic design thinking workshops and strategy sessions with the goal of solving real business challenges.

The results are cutting edge solutions that transform how businesses are run.

Expertise: 30+ DT Coaches & Designers, 200+ Developers.

Solution Offering: SAP S/4 HANA, SAP C/4 HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform, Apple Partnership. 

Location: Located in Covent Garden, the heart of Central London and a cutting edge virtual space.

Typical Size: Between 10-20 participants in the average workshop.

Our team in Space 51 help customers solve many challenges and problems:

  • Ambitious business cases used to justify technology transformations are often not achieved
  • End user experience can be poor, with user experience work only being discussed in front-office transformations (sales, marketing etc)
  • User experience work is seen as an add-on or ‘nice-to-have’, rather than a pivotal approach to any project
  • For back-office transformations (HR, finance etc) and even some front-office transformations, end user experience is limited to the out-of-the-box experience provided by the technology solution
  • Experiences are designed by non-designers
  • Established business-process-driven methodologies are seen as less risky and an easier implementation

Our Shared Mission

We apply SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation to transform business data into customer value with the help of SAP Business Technology Platform.

Innovation can only be achieved if it is desired by people, economically viable, and technically feasible.

With our Human-Centered Approach to Innovation, we are able to balance the interdependencies of the three factors and create business value for our customers.

We enable them to react with agility to market demands and create a foundation for continual innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform.

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