Improving Operational Efficiency & Customer Experience

Including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as part of your overall digital strategy will provide additional opportunities to transform and streamline your organisation’s processes without significant investment in IT systems. RPA provides an organisation with increased speed and agility, reducing manual processes and improving accuracy and reliability – helping the human workforce focus on driving increased value for the business.

Successful RPA solutions require close collaboration between business and technology, a focus on process design and agile delivery, and always involve a cultural dimension. These all align to Keytree’s strengths – we have experience defining and creating successful global Robotics Centres of Excellence that can help an organisation govern and manage the risks inherent in RPA and ensure business objectives are fully achieved.

“Robotic Process Automation will help humans become more human at work.”

What can RPA offer your business

Increased compliance  – RPA removes data gaps between disparate sources and logs all actions completed by the software robots throughout automation. This allows employees to proactively recognise and manage any compliance issues and consistently run internal reviews.

Improved customer experience –  RPA alleviates staff from the burden of repetitive, high-volume tasks and in turn, these automation capabilities allows organisations to deliver higher quality services to their customers in a timely manner.

Implement fast, achieve ROI fast – RPA solutions can be implemented within large organisations over the space of a few weeks, offering ROI within six months, reducing error rates to zero with manual effort reduced to 5% and processing time reduced by upwards of 80%.

Reduce effort in the back office – Automating store closing reports processes in retail frees up store-based employees to focus on more customer-centric activities. The RPA robots can move the closing reports to one server, then read and consolidate the required information for the store’s closing reports.

Improve customer service in the front office – Trade credit insurance companies can automate their credit limit request underwriting processes. Where underwriters were previously gathering information manually, from internal (Risk & Policy) or external (Customer Site, Google News) sources, by using RPA, they can save thousands of hours of human work a month – allowing employees to spend that time working directly with customers.

Why Keytree?

  • We understand complexity and have in-depth experience of setting up Centres of Excellence to effectively govern and manage the risks inherent in RPA
  • We have unparalleled process design expertise. We never start from – lets find a use case for RPA. We always start from the business problem – what is the best way for the organisation to automate a given process and generate value
  • We use an agile delivery model with supporting DevOps that are perfect for RPA delivery
  • We have a track record of innovation and know how to integrate RPA with Process Mining, BPM solutions
  • We have an extensive Machine Learning capability and know how to combine RPA with Machine Learning for Intelligent Automation to drive further business value

How is RPA different from other enterprise automation tools?

Fast benefit realisation

When RPA is focused on the right processes for automation, the ease of implementation, quick deployment and low operational costs can help the business achieve benefits quickly.

Business led, with IT support

The importance of process design and lack of coding means the majority of RPA engagements are business led but they cannot succeed without strong collaboration and support from IT.

No disruption to underlying systems

The robots run on the user interface mirroring a users process steps. No changes are required to the underlying applications decreasing time to value.

Minimal up-front investment

The majority of RPA implementations are cloud-based with the main cost the licence for the Bot. This is on the scale of <10K for 24hr processing rather than >100K for a BPM solution.

Highly scalable

RPA allows the supply of Robots to match changes in the demand profile across multiple processes, improving scalability and helping the human workforce focus on complex activities.

RPA in Action: Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Order management process – helping alleviative impact of deductions and late payments on the order management process
  • Trade promotions – data collection across multiple systems as an input into data analytics, master data maintenance, promotion creation and modifications
  • Sales analytics reports – creation of reports from different sources that normally require manual data collection
  • Invoice/Purchase Order processing – automation of invoice processing and entry into SAP for those customers not on EDI
  • Supply chain cost calculation – data analytics across multiple systems

Top RPA & ML benefits

  • Better accuracy
  • Improved compliance
  • Fast cost savings
  • Super scalable
  • Increased speed and productivity
  • Seamless order management processes
  • Tailored trade promotions
  • Automated sales analytics reports
  • Automated Invoice/Purchase Order processing
  • Fast and accurate supply chain cost calculations