Bringing the Benefits of Sales & Operations Planning to Service Industries

Keytree ResourcePro provides accurate prediction and understanding of your sales pipeline, in-flight projects, delivery resources and recruitment needs. The results are higher cross-firm margins, faster time to revenue targets and improved customer service and project delivery. RecourcePro is the result of years of experience of the Keytree team working hand-in-hand with global professional services organisations, helping them drive efficiency and increase revenue. Keytree has a history of building groundbreaking solutions in the Professional Services sector including our SAP Qualified Packaged Solution – Bridge for Professional Services.

Professional Service Automation (PSA) software generally focuses on the operational tasks of project planning and managing the allocation of resources to project tasks. ResourcePro goes beyond this, extending and enhancing basic operational functions to allow intelligent resource demand forecast; co-ordination of the resource planning process across organisational silos; and giving true end-to-end visibility from lead to opportunity through project delivery to long term business plan. ResourcePro was built for the Cloud and natively integrates to global ERP, CRM and HXM platforms, SAP S/4HANA,C/4HANA and SuccessFactors and more!

Resource Optimisation

Visibility of accurate forecast resource requirements gives you the data to support operational decisions – whether for project resource allocation or for project delivery task scheduling.

Keytree ResourcePro supports predictive and “what-if” analysis of resource demand across your sales pipeline and project delivery backlog. Balancing predicted demand against resource supply allows your organisation to provide a precise service to your clients, without the impact on your bottom line of running a costly resource bench.

Early and Accurate visibility of pipeline demand

Early and accurate visibility of your pipeline is crucial in predicting demand. ResourcePro is underpinned by a uniform and consistent definition of opportunities, with an associated demand forecast (akin to a ‘bill of materials’ for service projects). Default win probabilities are associated with each status along the pipeline, which can be over-ridden as more accurate information becomes available and can be flexed for “what if” scenario planning.

Model your talent network

Predictive and trend demand analysis per skill set allows feedback into the HR planning and development processes. For example, highlighting roles with long-term excess capacities allows firms to pivot and retrain resource in more strategic skills.

Our tool provides simple visualisation of data at a job role level, showing bottlenecks in your project delivery process, allowing you to quickly evaluate whether the situation is long term (requiring resolution through recruitment of permanent employees or training) or temporary (where the situation might be better resolved through the use of contingent labour). By receiving timely notification of any such situations, the hiring process can be handled efficiently and at optimal cost – giving your organisation the appropriate time to find the right expertise at the right cost.

Actionable Insights

The information brought to your attention by ResourcePro can be instantly actioned in a number of ways including:

  • Chat notifications to key individuals across sales, HR, recruitment and projects
  • Direct creation of recruitment requests in SuccessFactors
  • Drill down direct into projects in S/4HANA Cloud to collaborate directly with project managers


Increased Margin

Ensure your key assets (your people) are always fully utilised on all chargeable work across current projects and future pipeline. This can improve utilisation dramatically, massively lowering down-time costs and increasing firm-wide margin.

Optimised revenue streams

Start projects earlier by integrating your sales pipeline directly to the global resource plan. Supported by “what-if” modelling, planning is super-tuned and delivery teams can be enabled earlier than ever – delivering revenue to the business fastest.

Increased client satisfaction and repeat work

Ensure a timely, organised delivery of service, always having the right resource available at the right time during projects. Project efficiency and satisfaction drives further revenues and longer-term relationships.

Reduce unnecessary overheads and create a happier team

Say goodbye to a large bench of highly paid employees. You can plan well in advance to ensure the team you are paying for is always utilised and that they are contributing to the success of the business.

Faster planning cycles

By integrating data from disparate sources, and integrating across traditionally siloed planning functions, your organisation can now react faster to changes in the business.

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