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A world leader in digital innovation, Keytree works with global brands to drive innovation as part of their digital strategy, developing new business opportunities, increasing efficiency and strengthening brand value with cutting edge tools such as Predictive Analytics, RPA (Robotics Process Automation), Machine Learning, IoT, Virtual & Augmented Reality to create never before seen, bespoke solutions. We focus on innovating for business value, working across industries and lines of business.

Keytree applies its expertise across industries from Retail, Sports, Financial Services and Fashion amongst many others.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses innovative data querying to advance business goals, by quickly and accurately anticipating both problems and opportunities.

The applications are endless, from retail to health, utilities to sport, finance to transport, although with endless possibilities being captured, care must be taken to ensure the data is meaningful and the questions asked of it have solid business case.

Producing useful data analytics is typically a collaborative exercise between a field of domain expert and data scientists. Keytree oils the wheels of that collaboration by helping in the building of models that will optimise and predict outcomes based on particular circumstances and by developing more accessible interfaces between users and their data, such as dashboards and visualisations.


Successful RPA solutions require close collaboration between business and technology, a focus on process design and agile delivery, and always involve a cultural dimension. These all align to Keytree’s strengths – We understand complexity and have in-depth experience of setting up Centres of Excellence to effectively govern and manage the risks inherent in RPA.

We have unparalleled process design expertise. We always start from the business problem – what is the best way for the organisation to automate a given process and generate value. We have a track record of innovation and know how to integrate RPA with Process Mining, BPM solutions.

The R&D team have an extensive Machine Learning capability and know how to combine RPA with Machine Learning for Intelligent Automation to drive further business value and work with large organisations across professional and financial services and Utilities amongst others using the very latest tools available to create RPA solutions tailored to each organisations, and customers, requirements.

“Keytree leads the way in providing innovation for business value. Our R&D team are dedicated to ensuring we are at the forefront of technological developments so we can provide our customers with the very best tools to meet their business goals in the years ahead.”

Stuart ClementsKeytree Director R&D

Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables software solutions to make predictions and decisions without being explicitly programmed to perform the task. Using the latest in Machine Learning tools the R&D team have developed state of the art image recognition technology which is helping revolutionise retail and fashion industries amongst others.

This has been integrated into our own IP – KIT a market leading Clienteling and Assisted Selling tool used in high street stores in 64 countries in over 10 languages, driving efficiency and increasing sales in an increasingly difficult retail environment. The team have also used their expertise to develop, in conjunction with SAP, a Runway app which enables audiences at fashion shows to like, love and purchase garments in real-time from their seats, which has the sense to revolutionise fashion events around the world.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. The primary value of augmented reality is the manner in which components of the digital world blend into a person’s perception of the real world. Virtual reality (VR) is an experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world.

Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment (i.e. gaming) and educational purposes (i.e. medical or military training). The R&D team are working on real world use cases across Retail and Utilities amongst others to deliver an enhanced employee experience and efficiencies to the modern workforce.


IoT is all about connecting devices to the web so they can be controlled or transmit sensor information, allowing devices to connect and work in harmony. We see IoT devices and applications emerging faster than ever. Offices, manufacturing plants and homes are being built allowing all installed technology to speak to each other.

The R&D team have harnessed the potential of IoT to positively disrupt multiple industries and lines of business including Human Resources and Resource Management including Sensor Occupancy technology for our own resource booking product Matrix Booking.

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Some of Keytree’s major innovations providing business value

  • KIT – The smartest Clienteling and Assisted Selling tool
  • SAP Runway – Enabling audiences to interact in real time at fashion shows
  • Protecht – Tackling concussion in impact sports
  • Automated Drones – Using drones to handle warehouse stock taking and inventory management

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