Keytree has successfully worked with a number of businesses selling consumer packaged goods, like pladis Global, Heineken and Greggs to develop tailored ERP solutions designed not merely to bring their systems up to date for the sake of it, but to transform their business and make adapting to future market challenges easier.

The foundation of Keytree’s success and that of its customers, is built upon extensive research and analysis of each organisation’s business processes, requirements and the demands of its customers. By working this way, Keytree doesn’t just upgrade and improve existing processes using new technology, it enables new ways of achieving existing business goals as well as opening up new business opportunities. Keytree’s aim is to empower organisations to capitalise on the latest technology, and put them in a stronger position to harness the potential of new innovations.

One of the latest developments at Keytree, designed to substantially improve efficiency and profitability of CPG organisations is an end to end solution named Bridge for CPG which encompasses HR, finance, stock and supply chain management and promotions. And one component that is resonating particularly strongly in the current environment, in the face of unprecedented economic challenges and changes in customer behaviour is its intelligent trade promotions IP.

Trade promotions provide CPG organisations with huge challenges but when they are run correctly the benefits can be substantial and maximised quickly. They have such great potential to boost sales and brand awareness, they are a required practice, but formulating promotions that boost profitability instead of costing more than they are worth is no mean feat.

With so many points of sale to choose from, from traditional bricks and mortar retailers to eCommerce stores, and a myriad of possible deal configurations, it can be hard enough to assess the effectiveness of past promotions, never mind predict the success of future ones.

Once you begin executing on the promotion with the best chance of delivering a great ROI, there are still many ways it can fail, beyond how well it lands with your customers in the light of the competition. Keeping things simple helps, but even the simplest of promotions can cause rebate management problems at scale. If these problems are severe enough, queries arising from errors or mere confusion, the costs, which are not unavoidable, can be considerable.

If the processes you have in place with your trade partners are running well, the next link in the chain where an otherwise perfectly conceived promotion can break down is, speaking of chains, in your supply of the goods you are promoting. Do you know what kind of volume you’ll have to deliver if the promotion succeeds beyond your wildest expectations? Do you have it and if not can you produce and deliver it?

To overcome these challenges Keytree used its understanding of the common experiences of running trade promotions gained from working with various CPG companies, and built a new intelligent trade promotions app, which takes the guesswork out of identifying your best trade promotions moves and the errors out of your execution. By having more confidence in your trade promotions plan, you and your business can now throw your creative weight behind every promotion, knowing they have the potential to be worth the investment.

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