Feature overview

Visualise Teams, Positions & Colleagues

Bring life to the visualisation of your organisation with OrgChart by Keytree. Display key data and employee photos in a precision user interface, offering easy identification of employees while providing charts the management team have always wanted – with customised views to suit your needs.

Keytree OrgChart

Predictive Search

Searching for a particular employee, team or company position is made simple with OrgChart Predictive Search. This amazing feature will suggest results and categories at a keystroke, searching all employees and HR Objects in your organisation, displaying custom data and likely actions and activities.

Track Workforce Changes

OrgChart can operate in real-time or offline, processing all workforce changes while highlighting existing and future vacancies. Managers and super users will have the ability to start relevant processes to keep up to date on the changes in your company.

Keytree OrgChart

Mobile Ready Responsive Design

Built in a fully responsive design, OrgChart can be deployed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones – allowing your workforce to act on the move and stay up to date with all developments.

Launch Processes & Reports

OrgChart understands the user permissions of your staff and allows staff to begin processes and start HR reports linked to all technologies, including Standard SAP ESS and MSS Services, Custom Services and HTML5 services. The level of authorisation for the selected employee or HR Object is adjustable to meet the context sensitive rules of your business.

Keytree OrgChart

Export with Ease

OrgChart permits users to export to PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint or send the relevant organisational charts directly to an email – ensuring key stakeholders are instantly up to date with your corporate structure.

Enhanced Processes with the same User Experience

A range of additional features are available for OrgChart including HR processes for updating the SAP organisation management module – these can be deployed using the same user experience, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience.

Keytree OrgChart overview

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