Placing Health & Safety in the palm of your employee’s hand and at the heart of everything you do

Incident Reporting Overview

In industries where an employee’s Health & Safety is at higher risk such as manufacturing, simply remaining compliant by regulatory standards is no longer enough. Employee wellbeing, morale, motivation and productivity suffer when the bare minimum is the standard.

Using Keytree’s simple innovative application, employees can report faults, risks and incidents as and when they happen, wherever they happen. The app provides instant feedback, high accuracy and quick remediation.

Incident Reporting Functionality

Incident & Observation Reporting

Built in a user-friendly, easy to use design, employees can instantly report on issues, hazards and faults as and when they occur.

Accuracy of Reporting

Accuracy in the process of incident reporting is a fundamental aspect of Incident Reporting by Keytree. Employees can capture images via their device camera and subsequently mark up the image to ensure detailed submission. Reporting can be inputted against pre-loaded assets to ensure standardisation across your workforce.

Speed of Remediation

With Incident Reporting by Keytree employees can set priority status of issues, hazards and faults to allow for the more serious incidents to be acted upon as required. The app is designed to prevent serious harm by allowing employers to act quickly upon incident reports and provide employees peace of mind that they are safe.

Average deployment cost

  • From $1 per device per month (minimum requirements exist)
  • Maintenance and support included in the overall price

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