Staffordshire County Council (SCC) decided to move its finance, HR and payroll functions to a new solution and once the transition was complete, SCC started to seek out a solution to host its SAP system and archive. It was a crucial process as managing this element of their infrastructure must meet ongoing legal and regulatory requirements.

The SAP system and document archive is based on OpenText and SCC required a partner that could provide the following:

  • Migrate SAP and OpenText onto a new platform
  • Fully manage the infrastructure, operations and technical applications
  • Maintain compliance for ten years
  • Drastically reduce the operating cost of the platform
  • Complete the project in ten weeks
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Despite the stiff competition, Staffordshire County Council awarded the contract to Keytree – the cloud and SAP specialists. Keytree have been designing, deploying, and managing SAP and non-SAP solutions on cloud infrastructures since 2010, with productive deployments of SAP pushed live as early as 2012.

The bespoke solution on offer from Keytree was financially attractive but even more appealing was the innovative approach taken to design the system and use of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform.

The solution designed for SCC was based on tooling that Keytree had previously designed and built for SAP customers. Using this level of know-how and extensive delivery experience allowed Keytree to deliver a system to match users working patterns precisely.

The archived versions of SAP and OpenText were only needed during the working week. SCC just wanted access during regular working hours. Keytree safely and securely scheduled the availability of the systems to meet requirements and this immediately gave SCC the ability to reduce compute costs by over 65 percent.

Keytree also developed a range of solutions for backup/recovery and systems management tasks, which all work in harmony with AWS cloud services.

  • SCC has been able to save up to 65 percent on their compute costs by using Keytree’s Cloud Scheduler to intelligently and safely stop and start environments based on work patterns
  • SCC has been able to meet all their compliance requirements using the AWS platforms encryption and systems management capability
  • SCC benefit from Keytree’s proactive patching of systems ensuring that systems always have the latest security patches applied
  • Keytree provide AWS cloud integrated backup and recovery solutions, allowing for the restore of systems from snapshots
  • Keytree migrated the multi-terabyte SAP solution without any downtime on the source system using our cloud and SAP experts
  • Keytree migrated the OpenText platform use the AWS VM Import solution for migrating whole virtual systems to the cloud

In addition to hosting and managing the SAP and OpenText archive, Keytree built a frontend solution for SCC that removes their requirement to host and manage the SAP and OpenText clients. The solution, based on AWS AppStream 2.0, provides secure access, with integrated authentication, to the applications via any HTML 5 compliant browser on a platform that dynamically scales up and down to give the precise amount of resources required at any time. SCC was also able to reuse their existing Microsoft client access licenses in conjunction with AWS AppStream, so there was no paying twice for licensing.

The smooth delivery of the project ensured no downtime with an outcome that saves the council almost two-thirds of their compute costs – a massive saving that’s much needed in local government. The council is now operating with a new solution that meets all compliance requirements and will continue to do so for the next ten years. SCC also has the security if knowing that the system created and delivered by Keytree can expand and adapt to their needs during this period.