Select Service Partner (SSP) is a British multinational catering company, headquartered in London, England. It operates more than 2,800 branded catering and retail units at over 180 airports and 300 railway stations across 35 countries.

Keytree took on the support of SSP at go-live. It was immediately apparent that deficiencies in both architecture and interface design were contributing to service disruption and data loss. Architecturally the server deployment strategy impacted service levels and intensified the levels of operational support. The interface design lacked sophistication, end-to-end coherence and resulted in an unmonitorable combination of file interfaces and operating system scripts with the potential for business critical data loss.

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“We had to reduce downtime fast – Keytree had the expertise to make it happen.”

Matthew Mapp – Financial Systems Architect at SSP

The delivery

Initially a core team of Keytree’s infrastructure and software specialists managed operational stability whilst in tandem worked to identify key weak points within the environment. This diagnostic effort formed the basis of a plan to achieve operational service level targets. Keytree redesigned the operating system deployment in order to create a robust foundation from which to deliver business critical service. Interfaces were also redesigned to more efficiently and securely move data, as well as providing additional functionality to allow the client to monitor and manage the data themselves.

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The results

Select Service Partner had their SAP landscape transformed into an efficient and reliable environment that supported their business requirements and service levels. Keytree’s architectural and application team delivered stability through system restructuring in the short term and then ongoing real business benefits through targeted redesign.

  • Immediate post go-live system stablisation
  • Restructured the server deployment to ensure stability and security
  • Manipulation of system landscape to support change initiatives
  • Implemented Disaster Recovery environments
  • Implemented monitoring of the systems and business processes
  • Redesign of disconnected interfaces techniques
  • Added design elements to empower SSP’s ability to manage their own data

“We have absolute confidence in Keytree, they understand what is crucial to our business, that’s why we chose them to be our service provider. Keytree consistently over delivered in everything we asked them.”

Matthew Mapp – Financial Systems Architect at SSP