News International

Hard copy invoices eliminated
No. of user desks cut time on approvals
Headcount reduced in Accounts Payable

The challenge

Employees at News International need to approve all kinds of different requests, such as invoice payments, editorial commissions and purchase orders. News International wanted a one-stop shop for this kind of approval so that employees could get all the information they needed and approve requests as efficiently as possible. The business goal was to reduce transaction costs and cut red tape.

The delivery

Keytree delivered an Adobe Flex solution via a Service-Oriented Architecture built using SAP Netweaver technology. We delivered the project in six months via a close-knit Keytree / News International team with fast, client-driven enhancements after launch.

The results

Eliminated hard copies of invoices, reducing the cost of storing and managing more than 100,000 invoices and 300,000 editorial payments annually.

  • Cut time spent on approvals across 200 user desks, freeing time for more important work
  • Reduced headcount in accounts payable by 25%
  • Increased compliance with approval policies
  • Enhanced data validation for cost-centre allocations
  • Improved relationships with suppliers
  • Reduced time and cost of new business initiatives that shared the service
  • Common look and feel for approvals across all approval types and business units