“When I first met Keytree it was refreshing – it felt like we were talking the same language and they understood where we wanted to get to”

Jo Giles – Complaints Manager, National Grid

National Grid – giving people the tools for the job

National Grid is an electricity and gas company that connects consumers in the UK and USA to energy sources through its networks.

18 months ago, National Grid hired Jo Giles to improve the way the company dealt with customer complaints.  She has been on a mission since then to turn her team of 35 ‘Complaints Champions’ into a high-performing team who could give the firm’s customers a faster, friendly and more responsive service. One of the challenges that the team faced was an unhelpful complaints tracking tool. National Grid had made the decision to standardise on SAP software but the software Jo and her team used was not optimal.

It took up to 40 minutes to log a complaint and there was no way to schedule follow-ups or even date stamp activities automatically. “We were spending all our time managing the system,” says Jo, “The team was working for the software. The software was not working for the team.” Besides the fact that it was intensely frustrating to use, it also made it hard for the company to meet its compliance goals around response time to complaints and, as a regulated industry, this was not acceptable.

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The Keytree solution

The company worked with National Grid’s IS team and their incumbent systems integrator to add a client-side logic, step-by-step form wizards and new functionality such as a to-dos and reminders. Keytree’s user experience team spent time with the National Grid complaints team to understand exactly how they handle calls, process complaints and complete the necessary paperwork.

This ‘industrial anthropology’ combined with the company’s experience with UX design helped them create a responsive and easy-to-use front end to the basic SAP system. As the four-month project went into the last phase, Keytree were onsite to deal with National Grid’s feedback, comments and additional requests. The constant engagement with the actual users from concept to completion ensured that their needs were met and their concerns addressed.

“Working with Keytree was great. It felt like we were one of the team. The guys were open to questions and dialogue.”

Jo Giles – Complaints Manager, National Grid

Results & benefits

Thanks to Keytree, National Grid’s team now has an effective tool for recording, tracking and managing customer complaints. “People use the system and love the system,” says Jo.

Deliver better customer service

The system makes it easier to follow through on commitments and ensures that customers get call backs when they’re promised. By making it easier to track customer interactions, it reduces the need for customers to repeat their whole story with each call (and we all know how annoying that is).

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

The system ensures that National Grid meets its requirements, for example, it will automatically trigger certain actions after a fixed period of time and it keeps track of all the interactions between the company and someone who complains.

Increased productivity

The previous version of the system was very frustrating – it was slow and it asked for too much information at each stage. As a result, logging a single call could take 40 minutes or more, which wasted time for employee and customer alike. Now step-by-step forms, client-side code and other features mean that the same task takes only a few minutes.