Mercedes-Benz Financial Services wanted to integrate their current contract management and financial systems with a new debt management system. The solution had to be fully automated and capable of handling lots of data with complex retrieval and mapping requirements.

Two key technical requirements were…

  • Ability to scale across multiple countries and instances and
  • Make it easy for future versions to reuse the same data without lots of additional work.
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The delivery

Keytree UK-based specialists helped Mercedes-Benz at every step of the journey from initial strategy, through solution selection, build, testing, deployment and staff training.

Our multidisciplinary team delivered a solution that interfaced with the client’s debt management system, despite its complexity, as well as a number of other outbound interfaces to financial systems, content management systems and third-party document output tools.

The results

  • Real-time and asynchronous interfaces to web services accessing contract management, debt management and financial systems through SAP Netweaver PI
  • A robust maintainable, scalable solution
  • Reusable services developed as part of an EAI and SAP PI infrastructure
  • Higher degree of trust in data integrity
  • The system is also available to other countries at a lower cost using web services
  • Self-sufficient client maintenance and support team, thanks to our training
  • Fully-automated solution requiring minimal user interaction
  • One accurate view of overdue accounts