Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is a company that brings together two much loved, highly prestigious British car brands. After Tata Motors acquired Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford in 2008, it merged the two marques into a single company and its success has flourished, with memorable vehicles and innovative technologies that add to a long-lasting legacy.

“Keytree’s openess and ability to work with us rapidly was exemplary. They were extremely helpful, met all the project and timetable goals and provided an excellent service across the board”

Gordon McMullan – CTO, Jaguar Land Rover

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Getting closer to customers

Jaguar Land Rover is growing fast, especially in emerging global markets, and it needs a universal customer relationship management (CRM) application that can help the company better understand its new customers.

“We wanted to know what they want to buy, how they use their vehicles, how frequently they change them…”

“…everything down to their inside leg measurement,” says Gordon McMullan, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

They chose SAP CRM and decided to run a pilot programme in South Africa to resolve the challenges they faced from a real-world deployment in order to create a template for a global roll-out.

Growth through outsourcing

The company is also committed to an outsourced IT model. “We design and manufacturer beautiful cars,” explains Mr McMullan. Building a new data centre in each region to host the new CRM system is ‘far too costly and too time consuming.’ In this context many IT functions are not core to the business, including hosting the new CRM system, ‘so we’re looking to move that to our suppliers.’

The need for speed and for an outsourced hosting model brought Jaguar Land Rover to Keytree, a London SAP specialist and Amazon Web Services partner. They wanted the firm to help them move their application to a live production environment as quickly as possible. Keytree partnered with Amazon Web Services to set up a secure, scalable, reliable host for the SAP CRM system. Compared to nearly six months to deploy a new data centre, Keytree were able to get the new system up and running a in a couple of days and the project quickly moved from development hell to hosting nirvana.

Results & benefits

Deploying the system quickly is valuable in itself but it unlocked further benefits. It enabled Jaguar Land Rover to begin testing the system with real dealers and customer data much sooner. This is hugely valuable in any pilot project.

“Above all, the project helped the company meet its underlying business goals. What’s shining about this project is that really does represent the whole future direction of Jaguar Land Rover’s IT. We’re moving quickly towards a service culture and learning how to connect with customers in a digital world.”

Gordon McMullan – CTO, Jaguar Land Rover

It met the project objectives by delivering what Mr McMullan calls ‘a self-contained solution that can be replicated and grown globally’ without adding any complexity in the JLR space or adding the operational burden.’ The Amazon platform was significantly cheaper than an on-premise or virtual private cloud solution and it allows Jaguar Land Rover to switch to a consumption model, paying for the IT services it uses, and away from the upfront capital cost of new data centres. Amazon’s technology and Keytree’s expertise created a CRM system that can be deployed in a matter of days anywhere in the world. For a company going through a huge global expansion this is very attractive.