Keytree’s managed cloud service underpins global CRM platform at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest car manufacturer, accounting for more than 30 percent of all domestic car production. A subsidiary of the Tata Group, it manufactures luxury and sports cars, offering customers a unique range of luxurious vehicles, uniting two world-renowned British brands.

Keytree and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) partnered in 2012 to migrate their SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SAP Business Warehouse systems on to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform. In a matter of days, JLR had their Single View CRM (SV-CRM) environments up and running on a secure and scalable platform, which privately connects to its users and IT systems. Six years later and the solution continues to grow – reaching more than 30 countries across the globe, integrating with dozens of systems.

Keytree and JLR jointly tracked the path of the SV-CRM systems alongside the car manufacturer’s business ambitions, and the conclusion was that the systems were going to need a boost, not only with power, but also capability.

Platform 2.0 – building a future proof solution

In 2017, Keytree migrated the SV-CRM systems on to the SAP HANA platform backed by AWS X1 instances – this allowed JLR to improve system performance and unlock functions and capabilities that could not be contemplated before. As well as providing the benefits of SAP HANA and the high computing platform capacity of AWS X1, Keytree presented JLR with other benefits, which have enabled the project to continue to focus on the delivery of business outcomes, rather than the technical platform:

  • JLR has been able to save almost 60 percent on their computing costs by using Keytree’s Cloud Scheduler to intelligently and safely stop and start environments based on work patterns.
  • JLR has been able to meet all their compliance requirements using the AWS platform’s encryption and systems management capability.
  • JLR save time in provisioning systems via Keytree’s use of automation that integrates with AWS – offering the ability to provision the cloud platform plus install and recover systems in a single step.
  • JLR only pay for what they use on the platform – with the ability to temporarily flex environments to meet the compute demands of intensive, but time-boxed activity such as data migration, go-live or performance testing.
  • JLR benefit from Keytree’s proactive patching of systems ensuring that systems always have the latest functionality and security patches applied.
  • JLR benefit from Keytree and AWS abstraction of the infrastructure and technical platform, allowing them to focus on reaching their customers and users in a meaningful way.
  • JLR can run any system, fully virtualised, from a single core through to 128 cores and 4TB of memory.
  • JLR can instantly inherit performance benefits and cost reductions as AWS upgrade their instance classes, which occurs much more frequently compared to an on-premise hardware model.
logo JLR Jaguar Land Rover

The future – where do we go next?

Keytree’s delivery methodology and the domain knowledge gleaned through the long-standing and successful partnership with JLR proved essential when rolling out this global solution. Joint working with AWS also played a significant part in ensuring the platform and operational aspects could meet the demand.

Keytree and JLR continue to extract every possible benefit from the AWS Cloud and the next part of the journey is the expansion of SV-CRM into China. The world of data protection and jurisdiction is very complex, but with AWS having regions all around the globe, expanding into China could not be simpler. In terms of reducing cost and complexity, JLR benefit from having a single development source that can deliver functionality and fixes into geographically appropriate production systems.