Owning the customer experience – how Keytree helped Jaguar Land Rover to build a new premium merchandise e-commerce system

Jaguar Land Rover is a British car company with more than 26,000 employees. A subsidiary of the Tata Group, it manufactures luxury and sports cars including the Range Rover and new Jaguar F-Type – and exports 80 percent of all production. Keytree helped Jaguar Land Rover build its new online store, combining the traditional systems integrator role with advice and guidance throughout the project lifecycle.

logo JLR Jaguar Land Rover

Building customer intimacy

Jaguar Land Rover is expanding rapidly, especially in emerging global markets. Like other marques, it uses its brand and design skills to create and sell a range of merchandise – previously sold through dealers and third parties. But, as part of a strategy to get closer to its customers, the company wanted to create its own e-commerce platform. The company’s two iconic marques and its powerful brand presence meant that the company felt it could offer customers and brand devotees a premium online experience and a more personal, direct customer experience. In addition, of course, a compelling e-commerce website promised a new, profitable distribution channel and source of revenue.

The Keytree solution

Jaguar Land Rover ran internal roadmaps, looking at different technologies, channels and platforms to decide what best met its needs. It was an easy decision: build not buy, integrate with its existing backend systems and work with a trusted systems integrator.

Developing the store on SAP HANA architecture allowed the company to uphold the premium feel of its image while effortlessly slotting the new platform into the company’s existing SAP infrastructure.

And Keytree was a natural choice, having previously developed JLR’s dealer portal and CRM system, not only because of JLR’s previous experience with the company but also because of their ability to do everything in-house from visual design, through user experience to code and implementation.

Although the company knows how to design beautiful cars, it was used to selling through a dealer network. The nascent e-commerce meant that Jaguar Land Rover was looking for a partner to help them understand the entire customer journey from payment through logistics and returns.

Keytree helped them do that by embedding some of its own staff into Jaguar Land Rover’s business team, working in partnership to develop an e-commerce platform that put the customer first.

Social integration and mobile compatibility were key. Integration with social media, such as Facebook log-on, gives the company vital insights into buying behaviour and creates feedback loops, while mobile compatibility optimises the site for every interaction. The mobile first, responsive design ethos really defined the overall design and usability of the site.

Results & benefits

The new e-commerce platform provides a great channel through which Jaguar Land Rover can interact direct with its customers and truly control its merchandising business. But it’s also sparking internal innovation, as the company looks to further diversification arising from the opportunities that the new e-commerce system might bring. The end result is a scalable e-commerce platform that lets Jaguar Land Rover test and understand the market better. The analytics it generates offer the company insight into its future e-commerce strategy and may unlock further opportunities. More importantly, the site summons and harnesses the power of Jaguar Land Rover’s brands and its spirit.