Keytree supports the digitalisation of Jaguar Land Rover Experience

The long-standing relationship between Keytree and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) continues to witness the delivery of highly successful projects with an overarching theme – the digitalisation of JLR.

JLR offers customers a unique range of luxurious vehicles, uniting two world renowned British brands. A key marketing strategy for JLR is to provide individual and corporate customers with the opportunity to undertake exhilarating experiences in their vehicles to showcase their unique capabilities. This approach is used to both entice potential customers and retain current owners who may be considering a change of vehicle.

To ensure the best possible customer experience, Keytree extended the JLR Experience online platform, developed and managed on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This online journey, using the Checkfront booking system, aims to guarantee customers get an online experience that befits the Jaguar Land Rover Brand. Additionally, this benefits the global network of Experience Centres who no longer need to spend time manually organising each booking.

“Keytree expertise and support has opened up creative solutions to us that would not have been possible otherwise.”

Zoe AmarilloExperience Venues Manager at JLR

Book your special day online

Before working with Keytree, JLR Experience had a minimal online presence. Customers would need to call the Centres to enquire about the types of experiences available before discussing availability and price. In turn, this meant staff spent a lot of time on the phone, and this promoted a very reactive environment – responding to phone calls, assessing demand and then finding the resources to support those requirements. Now, however, JLR Experience have a powerful branded marketing tool, which gives customers a much more visual flavour of the experience day and provides them with all the information they need to tailor the day to their requirements.

For the first time, booking an Experience can now be completed via the JLR website. Customers can go to the site, check availability, price, date, type of vehicle and the experience that suits and book – replacing the need to phone the Centre as everything a customer needs is now online. By removing the paper-based processes, staff intervention is reduced during the booking phase and allows the team to focus on guests rather than monitoring calls and making reservations.

The move to online bookings allows staff to plan in advance and publish an inventory that is available – rather than being reactive. In addition to the online reservation system, JLR Experience wanted a digital voucher system.

Keytree designed a system to produce digital vouchers for customers which they can redeem online for Experiences at the UK-based venues. The digital voucher scheme reduces staff intervention, expedites the client’s booking process, and the vouchers are instantly accessible – there is no need for the customer to wait for the voucher to be posted.

JLR Experiences are an exciting and safe way for customers to familiarise themselves with a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle, under the supervision of its expertly qualified instructors and tour hosts. Days can be booked at over 50 global Experience Centres – customers can select a Manufacturing Tour Experience or an exhilarating half or full day driving experience in a car of their choosing.

logo JLR Jaguar Land Rover

Retention programme

In a new pilot scheme, once a customer enters the repurchase phase, JLR invites these individuals to a factory tour. This invitation provides insight into how the vehicles and the use of technology have developed and is a great opportunity to discuss customer needs. These invitations are generated in the Checkfront system and sent directly to the customer – who can book their factory tour online, in the same way as if you were buying an online voucher.

Management information

As a result of the work with Keytree, managing information at the centres has been centralised. Managers can easily access real-time data on sales revenue, performance and the events taking place at a venue. This improvement allows JLR to keep track of targets allowing any manager to log into Checkfront and see what products are selling and which staff members are doing the selling – everything is in real-time, all in one place and no longer in a variety of sources.

“Presenting our JLRE venues online has been transformative to our business, helping us to meet our business objectives and providing an integrated customer journey for our guests. Our relationship with Keytree has been fundamental to this, their expertise and support have opened up creative solutions to us that would not have been possible otherwise.”

Zoe Amarilli – Experience Venues Manager at JLR