Keytree digitally transforms HEINEKEN Human Resources

HEINEKEN is the number one brewer in Europe with operations in over 70 markets globally – employing more than 80,000 staff. For their Spanish operations, HEINEKEN relies on a pool of fixed-term and seasonal permanent staff to fill roles during peak business periods. HEINEKEN wanted to enhance and improve the level of communication with these workers by changing how each person is contacted when work becomes available.

HEINEKEN operates four factories across Spain located in Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Jaen – each with an HR department that manages all recruitment needs. To maintain production and meet product demand, HEINEKEN need to regularly organise short and long-term contracts for various roles across these factories but a new approach to this process was needed to replace current procedures.

“Our experience with the Keytree team has been inspiring – the solution meets the needs of both HR and the end users, and has helped us move forward with the digitalisation of our processes. This has all been made possible through excellent teamwork with Keytree, which has allowed HEINEKEN to achieve the desired objectives”.

Esther Pérez González – HR Manager at HEINEKEN Central

Keytree builds ConectaT on SAP Cloud Platform

The factories wanted to be closer to these employees so Keytree created an application that would automate all recruitment needs for a base of approximately 150 fixed-term and seasonal permanent staff (bank staff). Previously, contacting bank staff was a manual process and featured a predetermined recruitment procedure, which was to contact employees following a specific selection order – as agreed with the labour union for each factory. Keytree created the ConectaT application on SAP Cloud Platform giving HR departments at the four HEINEKEN factories a more transparent view of workers including shift patterns and detail, the position and level of workers and their length of service at the company.

All communication with HEINEKEN bank staff is made easier via a mobile version of the ConectaT app – created specifically for bank staff. When a vacancy becomes available, the relevant HR department can reach out to bank staff and send job information through the app.

One essential requirement that Keytree built into the app was an algorithm that identifies when one of the four factories create a vacancy, and then automatically generates a notification, via the HR department, which is sent directly to the employee mobile app. The algorithm follows labour union requirements for each factory with jobs offered to employees according to the agreed running order – with those at the top of the recruitment list for each factory offered the available position first.

By using the new app, employees also have the ability to check their work balance, keep up to date with their holiday entitlements, communicate directly by HR but most importantly have an up to date and instant view of employment notifications from the factory, which can be easily accepted via the app.

ConectaT provides HR with more tools

The Back Office version of the app will be used solely by HEINEKEN’s HR administrators located at one of the factories or in the Spanish head office. The primary objectives of ConectaT is to:

  • Support the daily management of bank staff
  • Automate the entire recruitment process for bank staff
  • Create an easily accessible link between HR, the factories and bank staff
  • Produce a global view of all factory positions, areas and departments

The HEINEKEN HR app enables factory administrators to manage their short-term contract employees (bank staff), visualise work situations and review the history of work periods within the organisation. The app also allows HR to contact bank staff directly and this can be set manually or automatically.

The algorithm built into the app by Keytree will calculate who the appropriate person is for every vacancy then generate and send a vacancy notification direct to the selected employee. Alongside sending job vacancies, ConectaT also allows HR to communicate with all employees through personalised notices.

HEINEKEN bank staff can download and use a tailored mobile version of ConectaT to keep up to date on vacancy requests from HEINEKEN – with the ability to accept or reject job offers with only one tap. For jobs rejected, the app also allows users to provide reasons for not taking up an offer – users can also attach files or photographs as required.

ConectaT gives every employee a bespoke personal profile, which provides easy access to personal data including the total number of days worked, annual leave entitlement, the ability to manage their profile and instant access to communications from HEINEKEN HR such as general or personalised notices.

“Jointly working with Keytree has improved the management of short term contract employees via a simple, easy to use app which goes far beyond our initial expectations. Our overall experience of working with Keytree has been very positive.”

Enrique Hermoso – HR Manager at HEINEKEN in Jaén

Keytree introduces SAP Cloud Platform to HEINEKEN

Keytree worked with HEINEKEN in 2016 when creating a Proof of Concept (PoC) to evaluate the possibility of using SAP Cloud Platform. SAP and Keytree created a PoC to highlight available deals on offer at a variety of bars and restaurants, which included the ability to create specific deals for users who had downloaded the mobile app. The app would identify users when in the vicinity of these establishments, and share the offers accordingly.

Keytree created the PoC in a matter of weeks, including a BackOffice app and an Android mobile app. HEINEKEN was already running on SAP, but witnessing the potential of the platform and the agility on the application’s development – HEINEKEN decided to invest in and use SAP Cloud Platform for future projects.

ConectaT is the first in a series of projects currently being delivered at HEINEKEN, and is the first project to go live on SAP Cloud Platform.