Keytree Managed Service supports Cadent Gas Limited

The relationship between Cadent Gas Limited and Keytree stretches back to when the utility company, which was born out of National Grid Gas Distribution, was created and needed a digital presence for the new brand. Keytree was tasked with providing the end-to-end strategy to support the creation of its website including the selection of the CMS, information architecture and content strategy. By working closely with all stakeholders, Keytree retaining recyclable content from the National Grid Gas Distribution website, removing complicated pages in preparation for the rebranding process and creation of a new digital presence.

The new website, hosted by Keytree on the Azure Cloud platform, served Cadent Gas Limited extremely well through a significant period of change but as part of the continued working partnership, and to support the emerging needs of the business and the growth of information available, Cadent Gas Limited invited Keytree to evaluate and implement new site architecture and content structure. The end goal for the site refresh was to enhance the overall customer experience and reduce the number of calls to its customer service centre, which was achieved by creating a new navigation solution to ensure customers could complete the vast majority of tasks online.

“The Keytree Managed Service team has supported Cadent Gas Limited through significant change and given us peace of mind, knowing that any type of support we need is accessible instantly. By working collaboratively, Keytree Managed Service and teams at Cadent Gas Limited have helped to embed our digital presence, introduced cloud technology into our infrastructure and most importantly, our customers can process the vast majority of information online.”

Lindsey Sheil – Digital & Website Specialist at Cadent Gas Limited

Around the clock support from Keytree Managed Service

Keytree Managed Service played a vital role in deploying the website onto the Azure Cloud platform, by presenting to Cadent Gas Limited the business case for using cloud technology and how the move would be supported. Hosted by Keytree, all ongoing support is provided by the Keytree Managed Service team, including a dedicated Service Delivery Manager in place to oversee the continued development of the Cadent as Limited digital presence. By opting for a hosted platform, Cadent Gas Limited will benefit from an expandable setup that will grow with its business needs with Keytree Managed Service managing all day to day operations and change requests for the website including:

  • 24x7x365 Service Desk
  • Self-service incident reporting and automated communications
  • Incident response and management
  • Monitoring/alerting, automated response and escalation
  • Upgrades
  • Service or functionality enhancements

Keytree Managed Service maintains the site backend, ensuring there are no issues on the frontend and by being available and always on hand to action any requests, the Managed Service team support and monitor all publishing requirements made through Kentico – the Content Management Solution recommended and implemented previously by Keytree. Although the Kentico environment is used to prepare all content before it’s pushed live, Keytree Managed Service is responsible for ensuring all security settings and passwords are protected and rectified if anything goes wrong. This added level of monitoring protects the website throughout the publishing process.

Benefits from a Keytree Managed Service

Keytree Managed Service is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) compliant, meaning that service delivery stringently adheres to a set of detailed practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business.

This approach is twinned with the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process – using methods from quality management to learn from past successes and failures to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT processes and services.

Cadent Gas Limited benefits from this level of knowledge and expertise, knowing that it can leave everything to an experienced team that is fully committed to providing the best available solution to any issue instantly – an approach that has led to a solid collaborative relationship.

As Keytree has an Azure partnership, all hosting responsibilities are managed accordingly, which lets Cadent Gas Limited concentrate on its mission-critical work and not be concerned with hosting, or downtime, as this is all taken care of by Managed Service.