Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Published September 2017, last reviewed May 2020

Keytree adheres to the requirements set out in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will publish this statement renewed with relevant actions recorded each year, as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of each financial year (31st August).
The statement sets out what steps Keytree have taken during the financial year to ensure that modern slavery is not occurring in our supply chains and in our own organisation. We also set out steps we will take in the coming year.
To meet the requirements of the Act this statement will be published on our website with the link (‘Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement’) displayed in a prominent place on our homepage.
At Keytree we understand that we cannot guarantee that our entire supply chain is slavery free but will take the actions within our power to try to ensure that it is.
Disclosure statements Keytree operates in commercial and public sector environments, both in the UK and overseas to provide technical, software based solutions to other businesses. Our work is project based and is not seasonal.
Keytree Ltd is currently incorporated in the UK, Spain, Canada and Australia. Keytree Ltd has its own recruitment business Key Resource Ltd.
Our goods and services are sourced from UK companies. Keytree is supplied by UK based business who provide us with office supplies and technical hardware, such as laptops. We have a small number of suppliers with whom we usually hold long term relationships.

Keytree has requested and/or holds statements from our key suppliers, including our office landlords, to demonstrate their adherence to the Act. All our standard supplier contracts contain (or will contain) an anti-slavery clause. This clause prohibits suppliers and their employees from engaging in slavery or human trafficking.

Keytree business is conducted on a business to business basis. Keytree sells expertise and knowledge and therefore our supply chains tend to be short.
Within Keytree we have a Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy which is reviewed annually.

During the last 12 months we have:

  • Ensured that 100% of new staff and contractors receive information about our policy at induction
  • Ensured that all managers and directors are aware of the need to listen carefully to any concerns and to take appropriate and reasonable actions.
  • Added to our policy so that all staff have access to information about remedy, compensation and justice for victims of modern slavery.
  • Established a log to actively check all suppliers for compliance with the Modern Slavery requirements

In the next 12 months our target is to:

  • Achieve a KPI to hold a compliant statement from at least 75% of suppliers, who meet the legal reporting turnover requirement
  • Check 100% of preferred suppliers for compliant Modern Slavery provision at least annually.
  • Manage Modern Slavery best practice in international expansion including into countries that do not adhere to UK/EU standards in this regard.

The aim of our approach is to raise and maintain awareness within Keytree of the issue of modern slavery and how staff can play their part in preventing this form of exploitation whilst protecting our business reputation.

This statement is approved by the board.

UK Modern Slavery Act 2015
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Modern Slavery Act 2015

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