Five guys from Keytree took part in the MasterCard “Masters of Code “ London Hackathon on 15 – 16 November – and walked away with the title.

The hackathon is part of a global challenge to find “Masters of Code” and London was the 13th and final stop on this worldwide search for the best coders on the planet. Previous rounds of the competition have been held in New York, Sydney, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Kuala Lumpur and ten other cities.

Will Powell

Will Powell

Head of Innovation

Contestants had a single day to build an application on MasterCard APIs and a “mystery” API that was kept secret until the start of the competition. The secret API was revealed to be a journey planner from Transport for London (TfL).

The competition process consisted of a 24 hour build time for a brand new “hack” followed by a two-minute presentation to a panel of judges. Teams successful in the first round of presentations made the final six – the finalists present for a second time, and then the winning team is announced and crowned the London “Masters of Code”.

The winning team, all Keytree employees, were Sam Rapp, Gareth Walkersmith, Fred Powell, Nic Doodson and Will Powell. The team built an application called ‘All of Us’ – the aim was to take out all the hassle of organising an evening with friends.

Let us show you how to plan and go out for evening – by using the application.

It all starts with Will wanting to organise a meet up with Sam.


Will uses his phone and opens up the All of Us native iOS application – logging in using Facebook, so he can connect to all of his friends using the app.

Once Will is logged in, he can see all his upcoming events including a countdown to when his next one is – and who he is going with.

On this screen, Will can click on the add button to create a new event.

Will uses his phone and opens up the All of Us native iOS application – logging in using FaceIt is easy for Will to enter all the details for the event – and once created, he can set a name, date, venue etc.

Will can enter a location in an autocomplete suggested screen powered by Google Places API. For this, let’s say he wants to meet friends at Butlers Thai.

For this, let’s say he wants to meet friends at Butlers Thai.

Will completes the creation of an event by adding friends – who get Apple push notifications and are able to accept quickly.

When the time comes for Will to start to his journey to meet up with friends – the app pops up with information from TfL’s journey API, proposing routes to get to the location.

All of Us uses other people on the app to work out optimum routes using time of completion and congestion parameters to make your journey the most comfortable and quickest possible.

Will selects the route he wants to take and can see each leg of the journey, showing how he will reach his destination.

When you arrive at the venue we setup a tab along with a vendor interface so the restaurant can see everyone who is at their establishment, adding items as people order.

Attendees will receive the tab number – and are able to see items added to the bill in real-time.

Once the evening has finished we then do a split payment so everyone who attended the event pays using MasterCard APIs to pay the vendor and all the attendees to square up.

We also built a vendor portal, which allows the establishment to charge Will’s party as they purchase items.

Once the evening has come to a close, Will can settle the bill with a split payment.

This means that a single transaction is made to the vendor using Simplify commerce API, then Sending Money API is used so all attendees square up.

Even those who have left can still contribute to the final tab.

The vendor portal is updated confirming the tab has been paid – the same moment they have received their funds.

Now Will can use the app to find his route home using the TFL journey API and congestion data in the same way he got to the location.

For added peace of mind, when anyone arrives home other attendees are notified that they have arrived home safely.

Finally the app provides a route for everyone to get home and notifies your friends that you have got home safely.

TfL Portal

We also built a screen that shows live travel information and the number of people, on a map, using routes through the app – this allows TfL to see levels of usage on their network.

In the image above, the small red dots from the route that we have just booked in the application, marked in red, is the route of the one individual on the network.

When there are many users contributing data and using the application, this view will provide a heat map of congestion.

Summary of what we built

In short we developed a mobile web application, vendor portal, TfL command web view and fully fledged backend server system to support it – all integrated into Google Places API, Facebook, TfL API, MasterCard Simplify commerce and MasterCard Sending Money.

We presented in front of the judges along with the 16 other teams, going through the semifinal and then taking the overall winner of Masters of Code London.

In a couple of weeks, MasterCard is gathering all the winning teams in San Francisco at the start of December 2015 to compete in a global final for the title of Masters of Code.

We had some flattering feedback from the Global Group Head of UX for Mastercard who said it was a great implementation, an original idea and was impressed it was built in such a short amount of time.

I would like to thank the team for creating something really special and would also like to highlight a few things the team did:

  • Sam – Making it look great with excellent design and UX
  • Nic – Branding, UX and creative
  • Gareth – TfL integration, TfL portal and backend
  • Fred – Mastercard API integration, vendor view and backend
  • Will – iOS app, Facebook integration and Google Places integration

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