Sports & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA) and Keytree, together with Swansea University, have designed and built an instrumented mouthguard to better monitor, understand and tackle issues relating to concussion in professional rugby. The mouthguards are currently being worn by Ospreys Rugby players as part of a pilot trial with plans for a wider rollout in the near future. Keytree are investors in the project, initiated and led by SWA and its CEO, Chris Turner.

The project exemplifies the innovative use of SAP technology in a non-traditional field to create meaningful outcomes and demonstrates how technology has a unique ability to change not only the shape of an industry for the better but improve people’s lives, which was a key motivation for all involved from the very beginning of the project.

The solution uses sensors in the mouthguard to transmit head impacts in real-time to an application which translates the data of each sub-concussive and concussive impact for every player on the pitch simultaneously. The application is capable of showing in play and post play analytics in relation to these impacts.

The electronics and firmware, embedded in the mouthguard, transmits wirelessly to a receiver which logs and analyses detailed impact data accurately and in real-time. The project brings together powerful elements of SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform to serve the customised web app used by coaching staff on the sidelines to monitor the players’ health. The web app, designed by Keytree, has an intuitive User Interface, which makes analysing the data quick and easy.

Keytree has been intimately involved in all aspects of the project from the hardware to software delivery. This is a demonstration of the company’s devotion to using its wide-ranging expertise to tackle real-world challenges and work with organisations such as SWA and Swansea University who share those values. The project itself was the genesis of Keytree’s Port Talbot office, which is now thriving – the embodiment of Keytree’s commitment to creating jobs across the UK and investing in the local communities where its offices are located.

Keytree is a proud sponsor of Ospreys Rugby and the planned result of the players trialling the mouthguards will be for the cutting-edge technology to be rolled out to other Rugby clubs and potentially other sports. Players colliding in sport is commonplace but clubs are rightly placing more emphasis than ever on player welfare. The more data that can be accessed and analysed will help preserve players’ well-being and the future of the sport.