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Augmented Reality – AR

Webster’s Definition of Augmented Reality: an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (as a smartphone camera); also: the technology used to create augmented reality…

As for the origins of AR and VR Morton Helig is often credited, through his construction of the Sensorama machine starting in 1957. This was designed as a cinematic experience which tried to immerse all your senses. It delivered different images to each eye, played sound at you and even vibrated your chair and blew air at you. So this was a really immersive solution and functionality it has more sensory inputs than we have with todays augmented and virtual reality solutions. The first film created was a 10 minute motorbike ride through New York. Unfortunately this machine was commercial unviable partly because it is the size of an arcade machine and partly because it cost to much to make the films for. But this one machine shows some of the early ideas that have become Virtual and Augmented reality.

More recently, in a competition with over 300 innovation entries at the Innovation World Cup held during the Wearable Technology Conference in Munich 2013 Keytree’s CEO Vision won the Gaming and Lifestyle category (see image above) and narrowly missed out finishing runner up to the overall winner Recon Instruments. Which was a great achievement as it was one of the few notable attempts at delivering an enterprise AR experience.

Will Powell

Augmented and virtual reality are technologies of our time and seem to be expanding at an ever increasing pace. Now in the world of SAP we are working collaboratively on real world use cases in which AR technologies can be used to deliver an enhanced employee experience and efficiencies to the modern workforce. SAP itself also has various initiatives in the area of warehouse management as we can see is this impressive video below…


One of our clients wanted a way to ensure staff completed timesheets promptly. If the user wished to open the fridge, it would only do so if you had completed your timesheet, if not, it would lock itself. You would have to do your timesheet to open it.

You wouldn’t have to go back to your workstation to complete the relevant document, the fridge door would act as the interface. The user is given a prompt, as simple as “did you do the same hours as last week?” and if yes, click ok. Now you can grab that cold drink.

By creating applications that have such an ability it will increase the possibility of this approach becoming a reality.

Solution design and integration

Internet of Things

The world of technology is evolving

The world of technology is evolving. To date, humans – clicking, typing, taking a photo, recording a video or taking audio – produce the majority of information on the internet. However, from now, the greatest growth and data communication will be ‘machine to machine’ and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a major contributor…

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Virtual Reality

Not just for gamers

The exciting world of virtual reality (VR) and 3D, is not just for gamers – it is there for use in the business world too. The aim of VR is to provide the user with a truly immersive environment, so you can move around the virtual world, in the same way, you do in the real world…

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Augmented Reality

Business in real-time

Augmented Reality can provide the user with a view of a physical, real-life environment that is enhanced or modified via the use of computer-generated input such as sound, video or graphics. With the use of AR, companies have the ability to see what is happening in their business in real-time…

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Hardware Design

Matrix Detect – Advanced Usage Analytics

Part of the Matrix Suite of products, Matrix Detect is the perfect working example of the time and effort Keytree invests into Hardware Design. Matrix Detect allows the user to check the actual availability of any space in your estate in real-time while providing the most accurate historical and predictive analytics…

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