Bangalore is responsible for around 33% of India’s $21 billion IT exports and is known as the Silicon Valley of India making it a fitting location for SAP’s TechEd India. SAP’s premier technology event opens on 13 November 2019 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center and Keytree will be in attendance.

Keytree recently established an office in Bangalore to work with large, medium and small enterprises developing and executing their digital transformation strategies. The entire integration team from Keytree India, including General Manager Lakshminivashini Jaganathan and Keytree’s Head of Enterprise Data & Integration Sravya Talanki will be at the event to meet existing clients and SAP friends – as well as exploring new opportunities and partnerships with future customers.

Data Intelligence at work

Keytree’s London based director of R&D Stuart Clements and Richard Benson, Head of Data Science will also be at the event and attendees will have the opportunity to see Richard on stage discussing Keytree’s work with SAP on AI and Data Intelligence, and the value advances in these technologies can bring businesses in the form of predictive analytics. The presentation will feature a case study detailing our work with SSP, an international company running retail food franchises in a vast number of airports and train stations around the world – during his presentation Richard will illustrate the operational benefits of using data science techniques to predict product sales.

Historically, one of the main challenges with using data science to predict anything in a complex environment is to build a model that can run continuously and be upgraded rapidly. If it takes six weeks to change a predictive model that has been rendered useless due to a change in environmental circumstances, the model results in downtime, which has huge cost implications that would not be tolerated by any other IT service user.

For these reasons, SAP has been working hard to make the development of predictive analytics much quicker and easier – to support those businesses already wise to their value and encourage those who are unsure where to begin. In his presentation, Richard Benson will explain various ways in which working in the SAP Data Intelligence environment makes things easier for developers. Such as by accommodating a completely heterogeneous set of data sources, and by making versioning easier and enabling you to experiment more freely without breaking everything. Also by offering its own visualisations but not precluding you from turning to SAP for your visualisations if you want to.

For the full case study and more ways of benefiting from operating in SAP’s Data Intelligence environment, don’t miss Richard’s presentation at TechEd in Bangalore which will take place on Thursday 14 November from 3pm – 4pm in Room DAT100. For more information about Data Analytics solutions offered by Keytree, please contact