Innovation often seems like an overused buzzword with many of us party to the phrase: “You’ve got to innovate to survive”. Yes, this is arguably true, but innovation must also be purpose driven. Innovation for business value is by no means a trivial pursuit, it’s a continuous, collaborative journey which must be centred on challenging even your most cherished assumptions.

SAP’s InnovationX takes place on 7 March in London – an event where attendees can engage with powerful stories of innovation and be inspired with hands-on displays of purpose-driven innovation. Keytree will be sponsoring the event to showcase real examples of how we’ve collaborated with businesses across all industries and lines of business to deliver meaningful change and fast return on investment.

As winners of numerous awards for innovation since inception in 2006, Keytree will, through the use of drones, iPads, an instrumented mouthguard (yes, mouthguards), and interactive demonstrations – show how you can capitalise on technologies such as S/4 HANA, C/4 HANA, SAP Leonardo, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP SuccessFactors to unlock a competitive advantage and transform into an Intelligent Enterprise.

Tom Paulin

Business Development Consultant

Award-winning Innovation in sport

Sports & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA) was awarded gold in the Innovation Category for its Head Impact project in which SWA and Keytree, who are a partner and investor in the initiative, together with Swansea University, designed and built an instrumented mouthguard to better monitor, understand and tackle issues relating to concussion in professional rugby.

The sensors in the mouthguard are used to transmit head impact data in real-time to an application which translates the data of each sub-concussive and concussive impact for every player on the pitch simultaneously. The PROTECHT project is a world-first in professional sport and the solution, which is currently in use at Ospreys Rugby Club exemplifies the innovative use of SAP technology in a non-traditional field to create meaningful outcomes.

It also demonstrates how technology has a unique ability to change not only the shape of an industry for the better but improve people’s lives.

The electronics and firmware, embedded in the mouthguard, transmits wirelessly to a receiver which logs and analyses detailed impact data accurately and in real-time. The innovative and industry-changing project harnesses powerful elements of both SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform to serve the customised web app used by the pitchside coaching staff to monitor the players’ health.

The web app, designed by Keytree, has an intuitive UI, to make analysing the data quick and easy and can also display in play and post play analytics in relation to these impacts.

Technology beyond business

Intelligent technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Image Recognition, the Internet of Things and Big Data are ready to be embraced. Keytree brings these technologies to life to deliver tangible improvements in how businesses operate. If you’re looking for full digital transformation or if you’re seeking quick wins, whatever line of business you’re in – Keytree are positioned to take disruptive technologies and deliver end-user adopted solutions to unlock your business potential.

SAP is teaming up with The Prince’s Trust and the partner community to run the SAP Social Challenge. The brief is to show how technology can help vulnerable young people get their lives back on track; five partners will develop ways that innovation can achieve this goal. The challenge spans three days, culminating at InnovationX, where a panel of judges will choose which ideas will be taken forward for further development. Keytree wishes all partners, customers and young talent involved the best of luck – seeing technology used to really improve lives is imperative.

Hopefully we’ll see you there and if you’re not already registered, head here to secure your place.