Jaguar Land Rover Experience Days provides new and existing customers access to a unique opportunity – where drivers can gain a greater knowledge of how to handle a Land Rover vehicle plus familiarising themselves with obstacle and off-road handling. Booking a place on a Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Experience Day is a pain-free process, with everything completed online via the JLR website – a new digitised process developed and delivered by Keytree.

This seamless and customer friendly approach has improved how consumers feel about JLR, according to recent research from Netbase. The report recorded ‘Net Sentiment’ for Land Rover at 90 percent while ‘Passion Intensity’ was 100 percent – the only brand in the top ten that managed to hit 100 percent. The 2018 Industry Report: Luxury Brands by Netbase, a US social analytics organisation, explored emerging trends, reputation challenges, brand reviews and consumer connectivity.

The analysis of brand performance carried out by Netbase looked at the volume of conversation, awareness (as a measure of earned impressions), reach (a measure of owned impressions), net sentiment and brand passion as measured and analysed through the NetBase platform.

Reaping the benefits of online

Conversations around automobiles accounted for almost half of the share in the report, with Land Rover taking the top spot, which was according to Netbase driven by strong awareness for the brand, which was inspired in part by the JLR Experience Days plus high ‘Net Sentiment’ and passion rankings.

The concept of rewarding existing customers with an enthralling day out to test drive the latest Land Rover model or engaging new customers by extending to them the same invitation is not a new concept for JLR. What is new is the way JLR Experience Days are managed and delivered.

Customers wanting to book a full or half day experience at one of the many JLR Experience Centres in the UK previously needed to call their centre of choice to enquire about the types of experiences available before discussing availability and price.

Staff at the centres would also act as the first point of contact taking calls and dealing with booking queries and requests, meaning they were spending far too much time on the phone which created a very reactive environment – having to assess demand and then find the resources to support those requirements.

Keytree is a long-standing partner of JLR and was ideally positioned to provide a much-needed solution that would allow staff to focus on delivering these exhilarating experiences and also give the customer a far superior customer journey.

For the first time, booking a JLR Experience Day can now be completed via the JLR website. Customers can go to the site, check availability, price, choose a date, type of vehicle and experience that suits and book – replacing the need to phone the Centre as everything a customer needs is now online.

By removing the paper-based processes, staff intervention is reduced during the booking phase and allows the team to focus on the customers at the venue rather than monitoring calls and making reservations. The move to online bookings allows staff to plan in advance and publish an up to date inventory of availability across UK centres.

By digitising an outdated procedure and freeing up time for employees based at UK Experience Centres – JLR has increased further its levels of brand awareness, which is helping to drive sales while providing an integrated customer journey for customers visiting the centres.