Transforming field operations with a digital toolbox

The Fielder app, built specifically for the Utilities sector, provides field engineers with a digital toolbox which seamlessly accesses all job information, task lists and customer requirements, plus a real-time customer communications platform. Fielder drives efficiency and transforms the customer experience through empowering engineers working in the field.

As experts in customer experience, coupled with extensive knowledge in delivering successful projects in the utilities sector, Keytree recognised a need to provide field engineers with a digital tool to do their jobs efficiently and created Fielder in consultation with some of our many utilities customers to fulfill this requirement.

What can the Fielder App offer your business

  • GPS tracking for field managers and customers.
  • Augmented Reality to surface asset information in the field.
  • Guided content flows to help reduce learning curves.
  • Two-way chat to connect the engineer directly with the customer.
  • Video conferencing for remote collaboration on complex jobs.
  • Picture capture and annotation to report a risk or issue in seconds.
  • Integrated CRM and Marketing data to deliver personalised after-care.

Generating more value through a personalised after care experience

  • See the full customer profile and marketing preferences.
  • The Fielder App suggests to the engineer product or service ideas that may be of interest or benefit to the customer.
  • One-click lead generation to the sales team for follow up.
  • Customer service alerts to capture and check customer data.
  • A mechanism for the engineer to capture retention information (e.g. future home-move).

Making the job easier for the engineer

Using Augmented Reality to display, validate and capture asset updates within seconds

  • Quickly identify assets in the field and the service history
  • Effortlessly capture key information to store on the job file
  • Guided content flows help reduce new starter or contractor learning curves
  • API integration with order management systems for part replacement

Video conference and picture capture

  • Gain a second opinion from a more experienced colleague remotely
  • Picture capture and annotation, allows engineers to use their voice to report a safety concern or risk in seconds – powered by the Keytree INC reporting app

The Fielder App communication hub – removing the need for customers to call the contact centre

  • Contact numbers are masked and never revealed.
  • Customers have access to a live map – to track the engineer on route.
  • Share sensitive information temporarily (e.g. pin code to entry gate).
  • Engineers can leverage local knowledge (e.g. best place to park).
  • Confirm premise or site location, when the sat nav didn’t quite work.
  • Enables the customer to let the engineer know they are running late.
  • Send ‘leave behinds’ electronically (e.g. a safety report or a product brochure).
  • Bots handle automated SMS’s and customer replies when the engineer is driving.
  • Send feedback surveys to measure customer NPS (powered by SAP Qualtrics).

A unified application that is quick and easy to implement

The Fielder App acts as a GPS tracker for each engineer so customers and managers get the visibility they need

  • Customers can track the engineer’s live location from automated SMS’s sent by the Fielder App, so appointments are never missed.
  • The Fielder App acts as real-time GPS tracking for each engineer’s location in the field.
  • Bot technology sends automated SMS alerts and handles customer replies whilst the engineer is driving.
  • Tracking technology is API enabled, so it can be integrated into existing digital, call centre and planning solutions.
  • SAP products are Plug and Play.

Unlock the customer experience potential of the Fielder App without the need to replace your existing platforms

  • Suitable for the smallest boutique to the largest brands, true SaaS that can be implemented quickly through business configuration.
  • Out of the box integrations with the entire SAP product suite and other leading Field Management, CRM and Commerce solutions.
  • Fully API-based, enabling customer-specific functionality that can be embedded into existing brand experiences.
  • Written both for iOS and Android, using the latest technologies across Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Image and Voice Recognition.