How UX fits within the Agile Development Process


A three hour interactive session that provides an overview of how UX can successfully be integrated into the an Agile Development process.


Ideally suited to Product Managers, Project Managers, IT Managers, UX Managers, UX Practitioners or anyone who is thinking about how to set up or improve their existing Agile Development Process.

What will be covered

  • Overview of the Agile Development Approach
  • The principles of Lean UX
  • How the UX process adapts to support the Agile process
  • UX activities that happen before development starts
  • Using Design sprints to set the goals and the direction
  • Developing concepts using collaborative design techniques
  • Validating concepts early and often
  • Creating User stories
  • Supporting the Sprint process
  • Agile challenges and lessons learnt
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