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UX Training

UX Masterclass One: Best practice Process and Methods

A four hour overview session of the UX process and methods that are used to deliver usable and appealing designs that will meet the business, users and project goals details

UX Masterclass Two: Understanding Users

A one day overview that covers which research methods to select, the best ways to conduct user research and how to present actionable findings details

UX Masterclass Three: Designing for Usability

A one day overview of the key methods for designing usable systems. Covering conceptual modeling, information architecture and evaluation details

UX Masterclass Four: Evaluating to Improve Designs

A one day overview of the key evaluation methods that can be used to iteratively improve designs or support strategic project decisions details

UX Masterclass Five: Designing for Mobile

A one day overview of how to design for mobile devices. Covering mobile design principles, responsive design and platform considerations details

Business & IT Training

Introduction to UX: what it is and why it matters

A three hour session that provides an overview of what UX is, the process that is followed, what it can deliver and how it can work effectively within an organisation details

How UX fits within the Agile Development Process

A three hour session that covers the Lean UX approach, what methods are used and how it fits within the Agile Development Process details

Driving Innovation using Design Thinking

A two hour introduction to Design Thinking, what it is and how organisations are using it to drive innovation details

Applying Service Design to improve the Customer Experience

A four hour interactive session covering the Service Design process and how it can be used to improve the end-to-end Customer Experience details

Using Design Thinking to develop an MVP

A four hour interactive session that covers how the Design Thinking process can be used to translate a strategic direction into a tangible and validate scope details