Web analytics

Web analytics is a type of Log analysis that covers all of the different analyses that can be performed on a website.

Typical analyses include:

  • Audience analysis: including who is visiting the site, where they are coming from and what devices and browsers they are using.
  • Path analysis: looking at the journeys users follow, what they do, what errors they make and where they drop out.
  • eCommerce analysis: analysing the products users browse and buy, including repeat sales and which promotions are working well.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: analysing which search engine terms are driving customers to the site.

What it provides

Advanced Web Analytics tools provide a wealth of data that provide insights into what is working on a site and what isn’t. This can highlight serious issues such as a high bounce where large number of users come to a site and leave straight away, or more detailed findings that highlight elements on a page that are causing errors. Web analytics can also be used to test the success of different page and journey designs.