A Survey is used to gather information from an targeted group of individuals. Surveys can be designed to be very specific by asking questions with a controlled list of possible answers, or very open ended allowing people to express their experiences, opinions and feelings.

Typically, individuals are selected to take part in a Survey based on whether they match a target profile. It is important when planning a survey to collect enough responses to feel confident that the data collected is representative of the target profile.

Surveys can be a very quick and easy way to collect large amounts of information about a wide range of different subjects such as personal facts, attitudes, opinions and past behaviors.

Most questions in surveys are used to quantify existing information, for example finding out what type of devices people use for certain activities. These kinds of findings help with strategic planning and project prioritisation.

Open ended questions in surveys allow individuals to express their views and experiences, and provide deeper and potentially new insights. However, these types of questions require a level qualitative analysis and take longer to analyse to draw out the main themes.