NPS Surveys / Customer Feedback

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a special type of Survey that is used to assess whether customers would recommend a Company or Organisation to their friends and family. Feedback can be requested directly after a customer interaction (Touch point NPS) or ad hoc as part of a Brand NPS study.

A Customer feedback form is similar to NPS. Although, it does not follow the NPS format, its purpose is the same; to assess how customers rate the service they have experienced and to provide a way to capture customer feedback for how the experience could be improved.

What it provides:

NPS and Customer feedback surveys provide data about how well a service is performing and how likely it is that the customer will use the service again. Typically, organisations set targets against NPS or customer service and these surveys are used to assess whether the targets are bring met.

In addition, as these surveys allow customers to express opinions about their experiences, they can also be used to discover what the key customer pain points are and how the service can be improved.