Focus groups

Focus Groups bring together small groups of people who typically match a target profile. Focus Groups are interactive and participants are encouraged to express their views and opinions openly.

The goal is to try and stimulate a natural conversation between group members so different subjects and strength of feelings can be explored more deeply. Focus groups are often used to test new brand, product or service ideas as well as collecting feedback about existing services or products and how they could be improved.

What it provides:

Focus groups can quickly provide deep insights against a range of topics, and new ideas can often emerge and be explored naturally during group conversations.

This social dynamic that occurs within a Focus Group can be both useful and harmful from a research perspective. When participants are more relaxed, they are more likely to express stronger and more insightful views at a deeper emotional level.

When challenged they are confident to provide additional supporting views. However, if participants are not at ease within the group, Groupthink may take over where participants agree with others rather than express a different view. This can lead to misleading findings.