Ethnography & Observation

Ethnography is a research method that studies individuals as they go about their everyday lives. Observation and Interviews are used to capture data related to how people behave and interact with each other, and how people interact with their environment, the technology they use and technology as part of a wider social context.

Observational studies are used in Ethnography, but on their own can have a much narrower focus. For example, Observation may be used to understand how a specific technology is used as part of a wider service, or how people interact with other people at a service touch point.

What it provides

Both methods provide rich insights into the actual behaviours of people when they interact with technologies, people, processes and environments. These methods are used when it is important to understand the wider context of use and how this influences how people behave.


Observation is a key stage within the Design Thinking Process as observing what people actually do, as opposed to what they say they do is considered the most reliable way of understanding what should be improved or where service or design innovations can be made.

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