User Flows

A User Flow is a definition for how a user will complete a task. Typically the User Flow is represented as a set of sketches, also known as wireframes, which represent the screens and controls that the user will interact with.

As designs develop, User Flows become more comprehensive and may include navigation designs, screen layouts, labels, values within controls, example copy such as instructions, error conditions and validation rules.

What it provides

User Flows provide a quick way for early designs to emerge and be validated before expensive detailed design and coding begins. During the early design phases, User Flows can be included within Design Reviews so that business rules can be validated and stakeholders can ensure critical requirements are being met.

User Flows can also be used within Formative Evaluations to test how usable and understandable the emerging designs are to the target users of the system. This iterative and inclusive design process is the best way to design usable systems, that also meet project and organisational goals.