UI Specifications

A UI Specification is a definition of all the screens, layouts, controls, values, error conditions, interactions and messages that together provide all of the details for how a user interface works and how it should be built.

Within a Waterfall development process, the completion of the UI specification signifies that the design activity is complete. The UI Specification is handed over to a development team who use it as the definition of what needs to be built. However, within an Agile development process, this deliverable may not be required as annotated User Flows, a Style Guide along with close collaboration between designers and developers can negate the need for such a detailed specification to be completed.

What it provides

The UI Specification provides a complete definition for what needs to be included within a user interface and how the user interface should work. This is especially useful when a development team is not co-located with the design team or when development is being delivered by an external party.

The UI Specification can be used to sign-off the design work and as part of a User Acceptance Test (UAT) to assess whether a solution meets the design requirements.