Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design is the process of designing highly usable and appealing application designs that run on a mobile device. Different mobile platforms, such IOS and Android have different patterns of interactions and styles. Typically, a Mobile App Design will follow the specific platform UI guidelines so that the Mobile App behaves in a familiar and consistent way to other apps that are used on the same device.

What it provides

Mobile App Design provides the platform specific layouts and visual designs for an application that runs on a mobile device. Designs are based on Understanding Users, understanding the common styles of interaction that are being used by other apps on the platform and understanding how the native platform and device features can be best utilised to deliver a better experience to users.

Mobile App Design is typically integrated into an Agile development approach where designs and developers work closely together to iteratively design and develop the app. A collaborative approach helps to identify what is both desirable and feasible on the native platform. Specialised mobile tools can be used during a Formative Evaluation to test mobile design early with users and Design Reviews are used to explore platform abilities and constraints with developers.