Copywriting is the process of producing the textual elements that appear within an interface. Historically, a copywriter only focused on marketing and advertising information, such as adverts, product descriptions or direct mail. However, as more organisations recognise that the writing style is part of the Brand, many now apply copywriting to all textual elements that are visually displayed to a user. This could include headings, instructions and error messages.

It is usual for a copywriter to be provided with guidance about the writing style that should be followed for external communications. This guidance is normally documented within the Brand Guidelines as the Tone of Voice.

What it provides

Copywriting provides the textual elements for an interface that are written in an agreed writing style. Copywriters have a goal to persuade and appeal to the reader. Typically, they provide marketing and advertising copy, including marketing emails and social media articles, but can also provide copy for every textual element that is displayed to the user.

For digital interfaces, particularly mobile interfaces, good copy can greatly improve the usability of the system by by ensuring that headings and descriptions are clear and succinct. Poor grammar, unwieldy descriptions and inconsistent terminology greatly affect the credibility of the brand.