Stakeholder Interviews

A specialised type of semi-structured interview with business or project stakeholders to understand their goals, targets, priorities, requirements and constraints in relation to a specific project.

As it is a semi-structured interview, an interview guide is created to ensure each stakeholder is asked the same set of open ended questions so responses can be compared and generalised.

What it provides

Stakeholder Interviews can provide the project team with:

  • Project background – for example, previous attempts that have not been successful.
  • Contacts – who can provide useful input into the project.
  • Critical Success Factors – what the solution needs to achieve to be deemed successful.
  • Organisational context – for example, how the project fits with higher level organisational goals.
  • Customer or Process insights – for example, how the project could improve the existing experience or business process.

For stakeholders who are ultimately signing off project deliverables, an understanding of what needs to be delivered and the sign-off criteria that will be used.