Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is ideally a five day exercise that delivers an agreed and validated scope or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for a new application.

It is a technique that has emerged from Agile Development and requires all of the key stakeholders and decision-makers to attend. A Design Sprint can be adapted to spread over a longer time, or reduced in scope if necessary.

The five day process splits down into the following activities:

Day 1


Dig into the design problem through research, competitive review and strategy exercises

Day 2


Rapidly develop as many solutions as possible


Day 3


Choose the best ideas and hammer out a user story

Day 4


Build something quick and dirty that can be shown to users

Day 5


Show the prototype to people outside of your project / company and learn what works and what doesn’t

What it provides

The Design Sprint provides a validated high level scope, concepts and flows that can be used to develop detailed user stories and more detailed designs. A Customer Experience Workshop may identify candidate areas that could be taken into a Design Sprint.