Customer Journey Maps

A Customer Journey Map is a visualisation of the different interactions a customer has with an organisation. This can be generalised for all customers, or segmented by different customer types and is based on Understanding Users. Maps can be created for a single channel, but typically cover all touch points across channels.

The key aspect of a Customer Journey Map is that it conveys how customers feel at each interaction and what the desired outcome should be. NPS Survey Data or Customer Feedback is often used as input to express the emotional responses to specific interactions.

What it provides:

A Customer Journey Map is a tool that can be used in two ways. It can represent the current experience to include all the interactions that customer currently experience and their responses to these experiences. This is often a great way to understand how the experience can be improved and is used as a key input into a Customer Experience Workshop.

A Customer Journey Map can also be used to visualise how the Customer Experience should be in the future and included within a Customer Experience Strategy and as an input to a Customer Experience Vision.