Customer Experience Vision

A Customer Experience Vision is a visual storyboard that communicates what the future experience will be for customers.

Typically created for key stakeholders within a organisation, it highlights how the end-to-end customer journey will improve as a result of implementing a proposed set of changes outlined within a Customer Experience Strategy or Customer Journey Map.

The Customer Experience Vision uses visual storytelling techniques that may include 2D or 3D animation, visual screen mockups or video.

What it provides:

A Customer Experience Vision (CXV) provides a simple and digestible visual tool for communicating a Customer Experience improvement program to stakeholders. This is especially useful in large organisations where stakeholder buy-in is essential.

Improving the Customer Experience may involve multiple channels, systems, processes and people. The CXV shows concrete examples of how these elements come together to provide a seamless journey for customers and highlights where the customer will experience a differentiated customer service – this may be better products, processes or services, but it may also be a different style of interaction with front-line staff.