Customer Experience Strategy

A Customer Experience Strategy is an agreed definition of what the Customer Experience needs to be based on Customer Insights and Brand Values.

The strategy will typically include what the current experience is like for customers, where the current key pain points are, including an analysis of the impact upon the organisation. The strategy will also outline how the experience needs to improve and how the changes will be implemented within the organisation.

The high level process for creating the strategy is below:


Understand how customers interact with the organisation and how they feel about their experiences


Using workshops, ideate around how the customer experience could be improved



Decide on what experience changes will bring the most value to customers and the organisation


Test out the ideas with target customers


Create the Customer Experience Strategy covering how the experience needs to changed and implemented within the organisation

What it provides:

The Customer Experience Strategy provides a blueprint for how the Customer Experience needs to change in the future. It provides the Customer Experience Values and Promises that guide how products and services are designed and implemented and it outlines the key priorities and a timetable for when these changes should be implemented and how they will be measured.