Competitor Analysis

A Competitive Analysis is the evaluation of a competitor’s product, service, website or application in order to benchmark an offering and discover where there are opportunities to differentiate within the market.

Depending on what the goals are for the study, different methods of analysis may be employed:

  • User Evaluation: to discover the level of usability of the system by testing how well users are able to complete tasks.
  • Survey: to discover what customers like or dislike about the competitor’s offering and how they think it could be improved.
  • Benchmark study: to discover the utility or usefulness of the system by measuring the level of support for different features.
  • Custom study: this may cover any area in depth, such as a comparison on Pricing, SEO, Performance or Packaging.

What it provides

A Competitive Analysis provide insights into how to differentiate an offering in the market, by providing:

  • Insights into what customers like or dislike about a competitor’s offering.
  • The level of functionality and quality of service offered by the competition.
  • Detailed findings related to specific areas of interest for benchmarking purposes.